Helpful Tips To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies In Commercial Kitchens
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Helpful Tips To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies In Commercial Kitchens

If you've lived in Texas for more than five minutes, you're well aware that a variety of species of flies are part of life in Houston. However, that doesn't mean you want flies getting into your home. Although flies may not be the most dangerous pests when they infiltrate your house, they are more than a nuisance. Flies can contaminate surfaces and food, making them a threat to your family's health.

Two of the most common types of flies to infest Houston homes are species you are likely quite familiar with. House flies, and fruit flies will likely fly into your home at one time or another, usually during the hottest months of the year. Once there, they will make themselves a serious annoyance to you until you can get rid of them. 

Since there is a risk of getting sick due to a fly infestation, you can't allow flies of any kind to remain in your Houston home or business. If you have flies in your home or business and are having a difficult time eliminating them, it may be time to call Modern Pest Control. We provide fly control to get rid of your fly problem, no matter what species is invading your Houston home.

Fruit flies are a serious problem in commercial kitchens, and only about 20% of the problem is because they are attracted to food and grime located inside sink and floor drains. Other sanitation issues to look out for include areas around garbage cans and kitchen equipment. Pest contamination is also due to poorly kept beverage fountains, coolers, and drip pans. Oftentimes when cleaning, the voids under and around built-in coolers and other equipment are missed even when using a pressure washer.

Do you ever consider what really happens when you pressure wash your commercial kitchen floors? The pressure can force food matter into wall voids and cause degradation to the wall boards that are not intended for pressure washing.

You may be better off cleaning with products that contain scum-eating microbes like Invade Bio Cleaner along with some nature citrus oil to prevent fruit flies from thronging the drains. This can oftentimes get to the root of the problem in your commercial kitchen. If your cleaning crew mops with Invade Bio Cleaner, they will be pushing the products microbes, cleaner, and citrus oils into cracks in floor tiles, behind compromised baseboards, and into floor drains. The microbes will then eat through the scum that attracts breeding fruit flies. It can also be diluted 50/50 with water to be sprayed onto contaminated counters and other surfaces.

Here are some other helpful tips that you can use when dealing with nasty fruit flies in your commercial kitchens:

  • Clean up food and drink spills as soon as possible

  • Get rid of all food that is no longer fresh

  • Inspect all fresh foods and produce for bruising

  • Take out the trash regularly

  • Clean trash bins often

  • Keep drains sanitized at all times

If you want to be absolutely sure that fruit flies and other contaminating pests do not invade your commercial kitchen you can contact us at Modern Pest Control. Our mission is to protect businesses from harmful and damaging pests. We have pest control solutions that can be tailored specifically to your business and facility. Partner with us for complete commercial pest control, give us a call today.

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