Keeping Fleas Out Of Your Houston Yard This Summer
Flea on a pet's white hair.

Keeping Fleas Out Of Your Houston Yard This Summer

One of the most frustrating pests to invade Houston yards and homes are fleas. These tiny insects can create a huge problem. Their size can make them hard to identify and it often takes a while for homeowners to realize what they’re dealing with. Common signs of a flea infestation are itchy pets and family members. If you’re noticing clusters of small, itchy bites on your body, you could be dealing with the frustrations of a flea invasion. It’s helpful if you can catch a glimpse of these pests to properly identify them. They only grow to about 2 ½ mm in length. The color of their bodies can be yellow, red, or dark brown. Often they’re seen leaping from the rug or off your socks. They can also be found crawling through pet’s fur or in bedding or furniture.

Fleas are parasitic pests that feed on human or animal blood. A common mistake people make is thinking fleas are only in dirty locations and that a clean home can’t have them. Fleas don’t actually live in filth. They don’t feed on decaying matter as some other pests do. They feed on living animals and people, so the environment really doesn’t matter as long as they have a food source.

A common question we get is, "how do fleas get into my home if I don’t have pets". It’s a common misconception that you need to own pets to suffer a flea infestation. It may be more common for those with dogs or cats, but anyone is subject to fleas. Mice, rats and other wildlife creatures can bring both fleas and ticks onto your Houston property. Fleas are great jumpers, capable of jumping 7 inches high and 12 inches in distance. Given their size, this is quite remarkable. Because of this ability, fleas can easily leap from the grass onto us, our pets, and the wildlife creatures exploring our property. If rodents and other wildlife have invaded your home, it’s likely they’ll bring fleas in with them, meaning a rodent invasion can quickly turn into a flea infestation. Therefore, to keep fleas out of your Houston yard this summer, you need to keep wildlife out as well.

Here are some tips:

  • Keep trash well contained. Use tight-fitting lids and keep trash containers a safe distance from your home.

  • Clean up debris around the yard that could allow wildlife to hide.

  • Keep grass mowed regularly and trim back shrubs. This will allow fewer hiding places for wildlife.

  • Fleas can come from used furniture, second-hand clothes, visitors,  suitcases, and other items coming through your door. Make sure to inspect items before bringing them home.

  • Contact a professional for help.

Fleas can certainly be a nuisance. They breed quickly and, even when you think you’ve gotten rid of them, they can return full force. DIY control methods often use time, energy, and money only to fail. When dealing with a flea infestation, it’s best to leave it to the professionals. Modern Pest Control can provide the help you need to eliminate pests from your property. Our team of professionals has the knowledge to take care of your flea infestation quickly and effectively. Contact Modern Pest Control today to get the help you can depend on.

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