Early Prevention Steps Against Summer Mosquitoes In Houston
Mosquito biting someone's skin and drinking blood.

Early Prevention Steps Against Summer Mosquitoes In Houston

Whether we’re ready to think about it or not, mosquito season is on its way. As we round the corner into spring, these little insects will begin hatching and coming on strong. Outdoor events will soon be accompanied by the familiar buzzing of mosquitoes and the familiar attempts to swat them away. We’ll likely see more headlines in the news on the spread of mosquito-borne illnesses. Once mosquitoes hatch, they only get more and more active throughout the summer. Luckily, there are a few steps you can take now to set up some early prevention against mosquitoes.

To know how to prevent mosquitoes, it’s helpful to know what attracts them. Here are some early prevention steps you can put in place:

Reduce Moisture

Now is the time to inspect your yard for water sources and reduce them as best you can. Mosquitoes thrive with heat and moisture. This is because they use still water to breed. And they don’t need much of it! Mosquitoes can breed in only an inch of water. You can be sure that even the smallest pool of water they will find. To prep your yard for mosquito season, you should clean up debris (such as piles of leaves), trim back branches to allow the sun to dry up moist patches, unclog gutters, and remove objects that can collect water. If you have birdbaths or other items that hold water, it’s best to replace the water frequently. The less still water there is, the fewer mosquitoes you’ll have.

Prevent Hiding Places

Mosquitoes love the heat, which makes Houston a great location for them. The temperatures here can allow them to stay active year-round. While they love the heat, they don’t actually spend a lot of time out in direct sunlight. The sun dries them out. They prefer to dwell in moist locations until more preferable weather comes along. You can’t control the temperatures, but you can control the hiding locations in your yard. Grass, shrubs, and other landscaping can allow mosquitoes to remain happily on your property. Make sure to trim shrubs and mow the grass regularly to keep these locations to a minimum. This is not only important during the summer, but can also be helpful this spring as they’re breeding.

Landscaping Tips

Mosquitoes need sugar, and they get it from plants and flowers. A yard filled with them can provide just what mosquitoes need. Reducing these plants can reduce mosquito activity. We understand not everybody wants to give up their beautiful landscaping. Mosquitoes are bad enough and now you have to give up your beloved gardens. Not fair! Well, there’s another solution. You can try adding in some plants that are mosquito-resistant, such as Marigolds and Lemongrass. Pest control can also help you keep your landscaping while making it less attractive to the insects.

Modern Pest Control can help with your mosquito control needs. Designed specifically for your yard, we offer different levels of service. Seasonal Mosquito Protection can be provided during the high activity months, April through October. If you want a long-term solution, Modern Pest Control can help with that using our Mosquito Misting System. Not only will they install this system, but they will inspect your yard for mosquito attractants and partner with you to find a solution. We also offer a one-time service to prevent mosquitoes before hosting an outdoor event. Visit our Professional Mosquito Control page to read more about our mosquito control services and contact Modern Pest Control to get a head start on mosquitoes this season!

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