How To Spot A Termite Infestation In Your Cypress Home
Termite chewing wood.

How To Spot A Termite Infestation In Your Cypress Home

The wood-eating insects native to the Cypress area are extremely dangerous to home and business owners. The humble termite is no exception, causing extreme damages to human buildings and properties.

In this article, we will learn everything you need to know about Cypress termites and how to spot a growing infestation. After discussing some prevention tips and handy steps, we’ll also explain why Modern Pest Control is the best team for infestation mitigation.

What You Need To Know About Termites In Cypress

Unlike many other pest species in Cypress, termites are not nuisance creatures. They may not be able to bite, sting, or otherwise harm human beings, but they certainly can destroy a great deal of property. As you will soon discover, the termite’s ability to break down and destroy wood around your home is indicative of their overall danger.

Termite species lack the necessary biomarkers for regular sleep. This means they cannot take breaks, stop to rest, or otherwise settle down. These creatures will work 24/7, 365 days per year, until they either die or are incapacitated in some way.

Although scientists have been unable to pin down a certain amount or volume of wood that termites can consume per day, they have posited that some species in large colonies may be able to eat an entire two-by-four plank of wood each year.

Termites have been recognized for their steady work for centuries. Causing more than five billion dollars worth of damage every single year, they are notorious for their damaging effects on homes and businesses.

In certain parts of the world, termites are an incredibly important pest for breakdown and decay. Some cultures view them as delicacies and cook them with sugar or spices for a tasty snack. In either case, the ability of the termite to damage or destroy the home is not mitigated.

Termite infestations must be immediately addressed with a professional team such as Modern Pest Control.

How To Identify Termites In Cypress 

There are more than 3,000 species of termite found worldwide, with dozens located in North America. Here in Cyprus, only two species could be causing problems for you and your family. They are:

  • The Subterranean Termite: This species of wood-eating insect is one of the most insidious creatures around. By squirming through soil and damp wood around your property, these bugs eventually gain access to your home and its structural supports. These creatures have large colonies of up to 60,000 members or more and have the potential to impact the safety of your home or family significantly. 

  • Southeastern Drywood Termites: Not to be confused with their dampwood cousins, drywood termites are most attracted to dry rot wood around the home and business. When these pests begin to eat, there will be no stopping them. Their colonies can also become quite large and envelop a large portion of your property. 

Both Subterranean termites and Southeastern drywood termites have varying characteristics related to their unique species.  However, these are some of the only characteristics you need to know about termites and their physical appearances:

  • Termites measure less than 1/2 an inch in size. 

  • Both termite species come in yellow, tan, cream, and off-white color patterns. 

  • Soldier termites have engorged mandibles and large heads, while sexually mature alates have large wings.  

  • Basic termite drones are much smaller than the other two classes, are do not have eyes. 

As soon as you believe in having a termite infestation around your property, immediately contact the knowledgeable crew at Modern Pest Control.

What Does A Termite Infestation In Cypress Look Like?

Every termite infestation in Cyprus may look a little different depending on attractant factors, species type, and property conditions. More conducive termite conditions could lead to a more extensive infestation.

Areas that contain plenty of surface moisture are often some of the first places where termites choose to settle down. These pests love having access to mulched areas, soggy detritus such as leaves, and other damp spaces that could allow pests to breed and thrive with ease. Additionally, termites prefer to settle down in areas where large amounts of soil or darkness are present. Any type of soil-to-wood contact could be hazardous and allow large colonies of over 60,000 members to take up residence in your lawn.

Termite infestations in Cyprus may also take on a variety of other forms. For example, homes that have pretreated their properties against invasion may only see small, stunted colonies without much growth. Some termite alates will attempt to colonize the home by landing on windows and doors, failing to establish a breeding ground for maximum efficiency. These infestations typically last for one or two weeks, eventually ending with the termites dying off over time.

Other termite infestations fall somewhere in between. These problems are typically sighted after catching sight of a physical termite vector somewhere around the house. Many termite species will alert humans to their presence in one of several ways:

  • Biting, scratching, or gnawing sounds are located around the home 

  • Areas of what looks like water damage affecting the floors or ceilings

  • Piles of thin sawdust, often called frass, around baseboards, walls, and other areas 

  • Hollow-sounding wood that emits an empty sound when tapped 

  • The presence of mud tunnels, or sticky tubes running up and down walls and floors 

  • Sighting a termite vector out in the open or a flying alate 

  • Wood that feels soft, rotten, or weak to the touch 

If you suspect that any of these symptoms are around your property, you may face a significant termite infestation.

The best way to prevent termites from continuing to infest your home is through actionable, long-term prevention steps. If you are dedicated to stopping termites from creating additional colonies in the yard, or if you have a sneaking suspicion that there are additional termites nearby, don’t hesitate to apply some of these helpful termite tricks:

  • Eliminate all moisture as soon as possible, carefully installing dehumidifiers in problem spaces. Smaller desiccant bags can be used in tiny spaces such as pantries and bathrooms. Out in the yard, do what you can to trim grasses and shrubs and remove as much puddling water as possible. By pruning away tree branches from the sides of the home, you can effectively remove all forms of lingering moisture around the foundations of your building. 

  • Although mulch is a beautiful landscaping material, it is a ticking time bomb for termite infestations. As soon as possible, remove all soil to wood contact around the property. Consider using less moisture-retentive materials, including peat stone and river rock. Additionally, rubber chips can be used for a more sustainable outdoor area. The more heat retaining items you use, the less moisture will pool up around the house, leading to a more secure environment. 

  • Do what you can to eliminate termite activity as soon as it arises. Keep a close eye on these pests' movements and attempt to identify their specific species as quickly as possible. Unless you are extremely sure that they are not infesting the property, or if you believe it may be a one-time error, squash the bug and move on with your day. If you think that the termite you found may have ties to a long-term, more insidious infestation, consider the professional services of Modern Pest Control. 

At Modern Pest Control, our outstanding termite prevention services are unlike anything local competitors offer. Learn more about our programs and what they entail by calling our Cyprus office today. We are looking forward to serving you well.

What Is The Most Effective Type of Termite Treatment In Cypress?

Here in the Cyprus area, termites aren’t just a constant problem; they’re a complex species of pest to remove from any environment. Suppose your home or business struggles to control the continuous influx of pest species. In that case, you will do well to consider finding professional termite control experts in your local area.

There are many benefits to seeking professional termite help on your next project. For one thing, professional projects can be executed quickly, cleanly, and without much additional effort. Thanks to their highly controllable outcomes with professional education, these treatments are often much more cost-effective. Additionally, professional termite treatments could be a much safer variety of management than over-the-counter (OTC) products. Because many generalized sprays and treatments contain harmful chemicals and dangerous dusts, relying on professional controls is always the safest possible method.

If your home or business is struggling to control termite treatment in Cyprus, look no further than the award-winning team at Modern Pest Control. For many years, our highly optimized team has been delivering Cyprus homes and businesses from the deleterious effects of termites in almost any environment. No matter what your property is currently facing, trust that Modern Pest Control has the termite solutions you need right when you need them.

Below is an example of the termite control program from Modern Pest Control:

  1. Every home or business is thoroughly evaluated with an in-depth termite inspection program. With so much to explore, our operatives ask that you spend a little time explaining your recent sightings, situations, and stressors. Because the vast majority of termite infestations take place without property owners ever noticing, our team will utilize a combination of infrared scanners and expert knowledge to track down infestations and their root causes. 

  2. At Modern Pest Control, we understand that many of the stressors you face during a pest infestation may have a negative impact on your health, wellness, and lifestyle. Our team will create a customized termite control plan built entirely around your needs to combat these stressors the right way. Unlike many other pest control companies, Modern Pest Control truly cares about meeting your needs with skill, speed, and a touch of personalization. For this reason, we apply a combination of treatments, bait stations, and monitoring equipment around the property. 

  3. Apart from long-term protection, Modern Pest Control is also proud to provide actionable training and information regarding the prevention of future pest infestations. We will instruct you in the various ways of maintaining your property and discuss attractant factors and favorable conditions for a reinfestation. Because we trust our treatment protocols so much, Modern Pest Control provides a 100% pest-free guarantee to all buildings treated.

Getting relief from your termite problems may be just a few clicks away. When the time comes to get in touch with a professional termite management group in Cyprus, be sure to call the experts who care at Modern Pest Control. Feel free to call our local office to receive a free quote or submit an online contact form to get information at the touch of a button.  

No one deserves to live in a termite-infested home. To exterminate invaders without risking your loved ones, contact Modern Pest Control today!

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