Are You Ready For The Summer Ant Invasion?


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Are you excited to share your East Texas home and yard with hundreds or even thousands of creepy, crawly, food contaminating ants this upcoming summer? If not, then you have come to the right place! The pest professionals at Modern Pest Control want to help you keep Texas ants from becoming a problem for you and your family.

To keep ant invasions out of your home this summer, the professionals at Modern Pest Control recommend putting into place the prevention measures needed to keep these annoying and potentially dangerous pests out of your home this summer and throughout the rest of the year as well!

Ant Infestations In Texas

Ant infestations sometimes feel like they are just a part of life and that there is nothing you can do about them. Besides, ants native to Texas are found in every Cypress home in the summertime, right? Wrong! With help from the ant control experts at Modern Pest Control, your home can quickly become, and stay, free of ants. Ants are small and they have the ability to easily crawl across walls, along wires, and through tiny spaces, meaning that if there is a way to get into your home, they will find it.

Ants typically create their main nest outside, then leave the colony to forage for food and water sources. Ants that are initially attracted to properties that offer easy access to food through things like unsecured garbage, compost piles, and garden areas. While out and about foraging for food, they often accidentally find their way inside homes through small cracks or crevices.

Once inside, they will assume that the tiny crumbs found in your kitchen are an open invitation to forage for food inside your home; after they have identified your home as a food source, they will set up camp in your home and even create satellite nests. Ants can typically be found nesting inside wall voids, underneath of floors, in attic insulation, and above ceilings; all areas of your home that are, of course, hard to reach!

Problems Ants Cause In Your Home

Having ants living and foraging for food near or inside your home is bad news for a few different reasons. Species of ants that are found living in Cypress, TX have the potential to be not only extremely annoying but dangerous and damaging as well.

  • Fire ants are very aggressive and can deliver very painful stings to people and pets.

  • Rover ants travel long distances and invade homes in very large numbers, making them extremely difficult to get rid of.

  • Tawny crazy ants invade properties in large numbers, have the potential to deliver painful bites, and can damage electrical equipment.

  • Carpenter ants can cause extensive damages to a home’s structural wood once they decide to invade

Ant Control In East Texas

To combat ant infestations in your home this summer, Modern Pest Control recommends putting a year-round pest control service into place. Year-round protection means that any current ant colonies living on your Cypress property or inside your home will be quickly and completely eliminated. We will also provide continuous support to stop future ant infestations from occurring.

Contact the East Texas pest control experts at Modern Pest Control today to schedule an initial inspection. Don’t let ants get the best of you this summer!


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