Everything You Need To Know About Ticks In Katy


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Many Texas pests are nothing more than a yearly nuisance or an occasional home invader, but these tiny terrors are some of the most dangerous insects in all of Katy
Ticks are small, six-legged insects that have oval-shaped bodies, pinpoint heads, and enormous, expandable abdomens. Their blood-feeding behavior and weather resilience mean that these pests can find their way onto your property with ease. Common types of ticks around Texas include the dog tick, the seed tick, and the infamous Lone Star tick.
Ticks are parasite arachnids, meaning that they require host bodies to survive. These close cousins of mites will feed on the blood of anything they can get their mouths on, including pets, livestock, and any other hapless victims. This propensity to ‘feed and leave’ means that severe illnesses can be quickly spread throughout a human population.

How Do Ticks Affect Humans?

Almost everyone is aware that you can contract Lyme disease from ticks, but there are many other serious diseases and infections transmitted by these blood suckers.  While Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Colorado tick fever may sound similar, they are two different infections with their very own list of symptoms. In some extreme cases, ticks are known to cause a severe red-meat allergy called Alpha-gel syndrome. Without immediate treatment, these illnesses can severely impact your health, diet, and way of life.

How Do You Get Rid Of Dog Ticks Fast?

To make sure that dog ticks keep away from both you and your pet, do your best to:

  • Use repellents containing bifenthrin and permethrin. It is important to keep in mind that these chemicals are carcinogenic and should be applied with caution.

  • Wear proper clothing such long socks and jeans as this can be very helpful when out in the yard for long periods of time.

  • Keep wildlife such as mice, rats, and deer off the property as much as possible.

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What Do You Do If You Find A Tick On You?

The first step to removing a tick that has bitten you is not to panic. If a tick hasn’t been attached to your skin for more than twenty-four hours, the chances are slim that you will contract anything at all. To remove ticks from your body, follow these important steps:

  • Clean the area around the tick to wash off any potential grime. 
  • Apply some dish soap to a rubber glove and begin rubbing the tick in a circular motion. The insect will start to have trouble breathing, and release your skin. 
  • Flush the tick down the drain or drown it in a cup of dish soap and water to eliminate it completely.

If the head of the tick is still lodged in your skin, visit a doctor's office for removal, immediately.

Modern Pests Require Modern Pest Control

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