Mice Prevention Tips Every Homeowner Should Know About


a house mouse mother and young in a nest

It might seem like a ridiculous thing you only see on TV shows – the damsel in distress hopping up on a chair when a mouse scurries by. How many of us have done the same thing or know a friend who has? While they are tiny, mice seem to elicit fear in many of us, and rightly so. Not only are we uncomfortable having unwanted pests in our homes, but they can carry disease and wreak havoc inside our walls and cabinets, or on and around our belongings. Year-round pest control plans in Houston, TX can help keep the mice away and your feet planted on the floor.

Problems Mice Cause

Mice have an endless desire to gnaw and chew, and this means that they will chew your wires, woodwork, drywall, holiday decorations, clothing, insulation and more. They urinate and defecate wherever they roam, which can mean in your drawers, under your kitchen sink, in your pantry, in your winter clothes stored in the attic. Not only does this cause damage, but it can be harmful. Mice can carry diseases like salmonella and hantavirus and transmit them through their droppings.  

Signs Of A Mouse Infestation

Clearly, the number one sign that you have a mouse infestation in your Houston home is spotting an actual mouse. Where there is one, there are likely more. You may also see their droppings, black in color and sometimes mistaken for a poppy seed, pepper flake, or burnt crumb. Additionally, you may notice torn-apart insulation, holes in stored clothing, damaged or chewed wires, walls, and fixtures. Lastly, you might hear mice scurrying through your walls.  

Preventing Mice

Eliminating food sources is a big way to prevent mice from taking up residence in your home, without food they are unable to survive. Sealing up all your food in plastic containers, keeping counters clean, and not leaving pet food out can help. Making sure your home is free from cracks, holes, and openings that mice can squeeze through is important. Mice can fit in an opening the size of a dime, so this is a time-consuming process.  

When You Need Professional Help

If you spot signs of mice, you’ll want to get rid of them right away to avoid damage and prevent the spread of disease. The professionals at Modern Pest Control can help! We will come to your home and evaluate your rodent situation while putting a pest control plan in place that is best suited to your problem. If you want to avoid mice and other rodents all together, it’s wise to have a year-round pest control plan to prevent them from being a problem in the first place. Modern Pest Control will eliminate and prevent mice and rodents in your Houston, TX home.


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