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tick in katy texas

Avoiding Ticks In Katy Texas This Summer

When it comes to pests, some are a nuisance, some cause minor problems, and some are downright dangerous. Ticks fall into the latter category. Depending on the type of tick, they transmit a number of serious illnesses, including Rocky Mountain spotted fever, babesiosis, Lyme disease, and anaplasmosis--to name only a few. Because of the dangers, they bring, avoiding ticks in Katy, Texas this summer… Read More >

deer tick on leaf

Tick Dangers For Katy, Texas Pets

There are plenty of creepy crawly bugs that can be found in Katy, Texas. And while a lot of these pests can give us a shiver when we encounter them, there are few that pose serious threats to the health of our families and pets. One that does pose a serious health threat is the tick. Read More >

tick crawling in houston home

How Ticks Get Into Texas Homes

Ticks are busy during the summer months in Texas because the animals they use as hosts become much more active. However, the hot weather and humidity also inspire the ticks in this area to be more active. Read More >

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