Preparing For A Flea Treatment

When dealing with fleas it’s important to note that there is much more needed than just chemical treatment. Although the treatment is an important part, it’s NOT the only part.

Important Things To Note:

1. You must identify the source of the fleas. Is it a pet or an unwanted guest in your attic or crawl space?
2. That source must be addressed. If a pet, you need to have them treated, if an unwanted guest, we can offer our animal removal and exclusion service.
3. All pets and occupants of the house must leave the house and yard for four hours to allow the treatment to settle and dry.
4. Birds should be removed from the home, fish should be removed or have the aerator shut off and then have the tank covered.

There are specific preparations that must be performed. If these preparations are not followed the service may not be as effective as intended.

Prepping For Flea Service:

  •  All pet bedding should be removed and washed in hot water and dried in the dryer.

  • All clothes that may have contacted the infested area must be washed as well.

  • The home should be neat and orderly as we will have to be able to get around.

  • Anything that can be washed in a washing machine should be washed in hot water and dried on high heat.

  • All hard surface floor areas must be swept or vacuumed.

  • All cracks and crevices, where the floor and wall meet (Floor Wall Junction) should be vacuumed so as to remove live adult fleas and eggs. This should be performed using the attachment on your vacuum so as to ensure all possible debris and fleas are removed.

  • All carpeted areas must be vacuumed prior to the day of service. This helps the pile of the carpet stand up to accept treatment more readily.

  • Toys and pet bowls should be picked up in the back yard to allow for a proper treatment.

What To Expect The Day Of The Treatment:

  • On the day of the treatment, the technician will first come into the home and do a visual assessment.

  • He will inform you of the time you can re-enter the home and discuss any particular issues that may be present. (Please be prepared to vacate the home for 4 hours)

  • We will then begin treating the home.

  • (You may not under any circumstances remain in the home during the treatment.)

What To Expect After The Treatment:

  • It is not uncommon to see adult fleas in the treated area a few days or weeks after the service. Because of this frequent vacuuming of the home is necessary. If you have a bag style vacuum please store it in the garage or tied up in a trash bag until you are sure the fleas are gone. If a canister style, you can just empty this into a trash bag and place it outside.

  • We may schedule a follow-up visit. It is important to note that there may not be a second treatment performed. If the problem has subsided, we will NOT retreat the area. In that case, it would simply be an inspection visit.

  • Our flea services carry a 60-day warranty. It is vitally important that you keep your pet on a flea and tick treatment regimen.


What Happens If I See Live Fleas In The Days And Weeks After The Service?

This is common. These adult fleas would have emerged from the eggs that were sterilized. This is why frequent vacuuming is required.

Do I Need To Vacuum Even If I Have Hard Surface Floors?

Yes. However, focus on cracks along walls and baseboards and around doors and low window sills.

How Long After The Treatment Can I Vacuum The Carpets?

A good rule of thumb is 24 hours.

Can I Wash My Wood Or Tile Floors After The Treatment?

Yes. But we don’t recommend it for at least one week. However, swiffering or sweeping is fine, as soon as the surface is dry.

Will This Service Kill Other Bugs In My House?

Yes. It will help with other insects inside depending on the insect, its location and severity of the problem. Ask your technician for advice if you are experiencing other issues.

Should I Have An Ongoing Flea Treatment?

No. However, we do recommend our Modern Plus service, which will cover you for fleas in the yard. If they are not in the yard, then there is less likely they will be in your home.

What Should I Do With Pet Bedding?

A simple wash and dry in a household washer with hot water will take care of all eggs and adults. However, if it is not feasible to do that, you can put it in a large sealed trash bag and place it in the direct sun for a few days.


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