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Reliable Pest Control Services For Montrose, TX Home & Business Owners

Montrose, a residential neighborhood, in Houston offers people an eclectic place to live, work, and play. With plentiful restaurants, movie theaters, art galleries, and thrift shops to enjoy, you will never be bored in Montrose. Another bonus to living in Montrose is that your home or business can be protected from pests with the help of Modern Pest Control. Modern Pest Control offers highly effective, eco-friendly, and advanced pest solutions. We understand the pests that are common in the Houston area and we know how to eliminate them using the latest technology. To begin protecting your Houston-area residential or commercial property from pests and termites, give us a call today.

Residential Pest Control In Montrose, TX

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The best way to guard your home against unwanted pests is through routine pest control services. Modern Pest Control offers the quarterly home pest control services needed to keep your Montrose home pest-free throughout the entire year.

We offer three residential pest control services: Modern Plus Service, Signature Service, and Signature Plus Service. Our most recommended service is our Signature Service. It provides quarterly pest control service visits, termite control, and (in the yard) control for fleas, fire ants, and spiders.

All of our services are backed by our service guarantee. If a pest covered in your program returns between service visits, so will we, at no additional cost.

Reach out to Modern Pest Control today to learn more about our comprehensive residential pest control services!

Guide To Rodent Control In Montrose, TX

Rodents are difficult pests to prevent against. They want to live in close proximity to people because we provide easy access to food, water, and shelter sources. The most effective way to eliminate rodents is to partner with a professional. At Modern Pest Control, we have been offering effective rodent trapping and exclusion services for over 65 years. We can provide the services needed to eliminate current problems with rodents and protect your property from future rodent issues.

Our rodent exclusion service includes:

  • Inspection

  • Trapping

  • Exclusion

To learn more about how easy it is to maintain a rodent-free home with the help of our guaranteed rodent control service, give us a call today.

Commercial Pest Control In Montrose, TX

Protect your Montrose restaurant, hotel, school, grocery store (or other Houston-area businesses) from pests with the assistance of Modern Pest Control. We offer tailored pest control services performed by experienced and licensed pest control technicians.

Our commercial pest control services include:

  • A visual inspection of your facility and grounds.

  • A tailored prevention plan that has been designed to meet your business’s exact needs.

  • Recommendation to address sanitation issues or to make physical alterations to help pest-proof your facility.

  • The installation of pest monitoring devices to help detect active infestations and develop a treatment strategy to provide you with long-term results.

To ensure that you are always kept up-to-date with what is happening in your facility, we offer commercial customers access to their online logs and records 24/7. To request your free inspection, call us today.

3 Things Montrose, TX Residents Can Do To Avoid Problems With Ants

Ants are one of the most common home and property invaders. The best way to eliminate an ant infestation and keep them from returning is to partner with a professional pest controller and put in place a year-round home pest control service.

In addition to professional control, doing the following 3 things can help you avoid problems with invasive, annoying, and potentially dangerous ants.

  • Remove access to food -  Keep tight-fitting lids on trash cans and compost bins stored outside. Place garden areas a distance away from your home and regularly pick up vegetables that fall to the ground. Pick up uneaten pet food. Maintain outdoor eating areas.

  • Remove access to water -  Maintain outdoor gutters and downspouts to prevent water from pooling. Fix low-lying areas in your yard and driveway.

  • Remove access into your home -  Seal openings in your foundation and exterior walls. Place weather stripping around windows and doors. Install door sweeps on exterior doors. Trim shrubs and bushes away from the exterior of your home.

To learn how we can work together to keep ants away from your home and property, contact the ant control experts at Modern Pest Control.


How To Prevent Centipedes From Invading Your Montrose Home 

The centipedes that invade your Montrose home are very odd-looking, with their pronounced antennae and many sets of legs. In order to prevent a problem with these pests, try the following tips:

  • Seal up entryways. It’s important to fill cracks, crevices, and any openings in your home’s foundation, as well as repair torn window screens. 

  • Reduce issues with moisture. The factor centipedes are attracted to the most is water, so reduce moisture with dehumidifiers and tend to leaky pipes, faucets, and showerheads. 

  • Keep things clean. Clutter creates an environment that centipedes thrive in, so remove all newspapers, papers, and boxes inside. 

  • Tend to the yard. Because centipedes look for shelter, remove grass clippings, brush, and leaves from your lawn. 

  • Limit other pests. Centipedes eat insects and spiders, so keeping all sorts of household pests away is key.

  • Call the pros. Keeping centipedes out of your home can be tricky, so bring in help from your local pest expert. 

At Modern Pest Control, we protect local homeowners from centipedes by proactively treating for them and correcting problems once they occur. 


Cockroaches: What Everyone In Montrose Needs To Know

Montrose residents who have seen a cockroach scurry across their kitchen floor know how disturbing these pests can be. Unfortunately, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Here is everything that locals need to know:

  • Cockroaches are easily attracted to food, so things like crumbs, dirty dishes, uncovered food, and garbage will easily lure them inside a home. 

  • They are also attracted to water and moisture problems and can’t live for a while without it. Leaky gutters, pipes, faucets, downspouts, bathtubs, and showerheads will attract them and keep them around. 

  • Clutter is also a favorite place for cockroaches to nest in, so removing boxes, old magazines, and stacks of mail is very important. 

  • The biggest issue that cockroaches pose is health risks. Through their fecal matter, saliva, and shed body parts, they can spread bacteria that lead to E. coli infections, salmonellosis, and gastrointestinal diseases. 

  • Cockroach infestations are often much larger than they appear and because the most common species, the German cockroach, is growing immune to many pesticides, professional cockroach control is the only way to remove an entire problem. 

For the most reliable cockroach control in Montrose, contact Modern Pest Control today.


Are Earwigs In Montrose Harmful? 

Earwigs are ever-present around Montrose properties. Their main priority is to locate moist and humid conditions, which are preferable for them to live amongst. They’re also in search of paper products like mail, newspapers, magazines, boxes, and packing materials. While their front set of pincers might look threatening to the average person, earwigs are not venomous and want very little to do with humans in general. At the very most, if they become aggravated or defensive, earwigs might use their forceps to grab things, but they don’t sting or bite. The biggest issues that earwigs pose are actually the foul-smelling odor that they give off and the damage that they cause to gardens, lawns, and plants.

At Modern Pest Control, we appreciate how annoying earwigs can be for Montrose homeowners, which is why we provide comprehensive earwig control as part of our residential plans. With quarterly inspections, the application of safe and proven products, as well as the expertise that come from our QualityPro certified technicians, we’re able to keep earwigs away no matter the time of year. For more information on keeping earwigs from becoming a problem, contact us today.


Tips To Stopping Mosquitoes In Montrose 

The mosquitoes in Montrose are unbearable for some because between early spring and the middle of fall, they buzz around leaving itchy bites behind. In order to stop the mosquitoes that might be causing trouble, try these tips:

  • Limit time spent outside during dawn and dusk.

  • Apply EPA-approved products like DEET and picaridin.

  • Avoid wearing dark-colored clothing, choosing light colors instead.

  • Set aside perfumes and heavily scented personal care products like soap, shampoo, hair styling products, and laundry detergent.

  • Limit alcohol consumption.

  • Try to sweat less.

  • Turn over standing water in places like kiddie pools, birdbaths, and water bowls routinely.

  • Remove all leaf piles, fallen tree branches, hedge trimmings, and other brush from the yard.

  • Opt for plants like lavender, citronella, rosemary, thyme, and eucalyptus over flowers with a lot of nectar.

Mosquitoes populate around properties because of humans and any conditions that might be conducive to shelter and laying their eggs. This combination makes preventing them with DIY methods a very tall task, which might provide some relief but won’t address the root cause. At Modern Pest Control, we provide Montrose residents with seasonal mosquito control that we guarantee. To learn more about our methods and their benefits, contact us today.


How Bad Is It To Have Armyworms In My Montrose Home?

Armyworms are essentially caterpillars that have long chunky bodies, which are covered in a light fuzz. While the armyworms around Montrose are sometimes beneficial to the environment, you do not want to have them around your home. They will completely destroy lawns, gardens, fields, and even crops in a short period of time if you don’t interrupt them.

Some of the visual signs of their damage include a brown, dry, and brittle lawn; leaves that seem to have the color sucked out of them; bare spots in your lawn; blades of grass that seem transparent; and holes in leaves. These signs should be concerning because not only do they risk the aesthetic of your yard and its property value, but they can also make your property unsafe, increase the amount of manual labor you need to do, and leave you exposed to pest problems in the future because your lawn is your first line of defense against countless pests. These types of issues can be hard to prevent and eliminate on your own, so for more information on armyworms in Montrose, call Modern Pest Control today.


How You May Be Underestimating Fleas In Montrose

Fleas in Montrose are one of the most dangerous and trickiest pests, but they very rarely get the credit that they’re due with regard to dangers. These pests might be nearly impossible to see with the naked eye, but they can feed off your cats and dogs for two consecutive hours once they’ve latched. During this process, fleas can cause anemia, but they can also spread the pathogens that lead to tularemia, heartworm, and murine typhus. Their bites can cause excessive scratching, which in turn, can lead to skin irritation and hair loss.

Fleas are dangerous to people as well. While fleas might not feed off of people for as long as they do animals, their bites can still be the source of tularemia, flea-borne typhus, and cat scratch fever.

Another way that you might be underestimating fleas is in how easy it is to develop an infestation. They usually get transported by local wildlife and rodents, but fleas will also use your pets as hosts or even your clothes or personal belongings if you’ve spent any time in areas of tall grass. Rather than risk exposure to the issues that fleas cause, contact Modern Pest Control today for more information on flea control for your home.


Where Termite Damage Occurs In Montrose Homes

Various species of termites invade Montrose homes looking for the wood that they need to eat and for places where they can build their extensive colonies. Because of this simple fact, there are many different places around the home where termite damage can occur. Some of those sites include:

  • Ceilings

  • Walls

  • Molding

  • Window frames

  • Closets

  • Sheds

  • Foundations

Essentially, termites can invade anywhere that there is wood, and if termite swarmers flee the colony, they can easily move somewhere else and start their own. Rather than encounter the vast issues that termites can cause, enlist the help of a pest control professional.

At Modern Pest Control, we provide comprehensive termite protection that begins with a full inspection of your property to help us identify the extent of termite activity as well as any places where termites might become an issue. From there, we set Sentricon® systems around your property, because they provide tough coverage on an interval basis. They contain Recruit HD bait, which acts as a food source that termites bring back to the colony, ultimately eliminating it. We monitor the results of these services closely so termites can cease to be an issue. For more information on our termite control services in Montrose, please call us today.


Why Are There Silverfish In My Montrose Home?

Silverfish in Montrose are nuisance pests that enter homes like yours primarily in search of water sources, so any issues with moisture can easily create a problem for you. Seeing silverfish is usually an indication of a few things, which starts with having vulnerable entry points around your home. Sometimes this means cracks in your foundation and other times, it might mean a faulty drainage system or clogged gutters.

You might also experience an increase in silverfish presence when there are issues in your home with fungi, mold, mildew, or algae, as well as leaks, excess humidity, or poorly violated areas. They are also usually looking for food, which can come in the form of books, papers, magazines, or fabrics. Because of these factors, silverfish can be very difficult to prevent and even harder to eliminate.

Rather than allow these nuisance pests to take over your home, turn to Modern Pest Control. We offer year-round services that are designed to draw out silverfish and prevent new issues from developing. We are a QualityPro-certified company, so we uphold the most rigorous safety standards, and we include services for silverfish in all of our recurring residential pest control programs. For more information on silverfish control for your home, call us today.


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