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Mosquito Services Designed For Your Yard

For protection from our AGGRESSIVE “Houstonian” mosquitoes Modern Pest Control provides a seasonal mosquito control service to help you take back your yard. It’s well known that no one can  completely eliminate mosquitoes from your property. After all, they have the ability to fly and may swing by from your neighbor’s yard. However, our goal is to reduce the number of biting mosquitoes on your property up to 90-95%, by eliminating harborage and breeding sites via our regular treatments.  As with any service, the treatment effectiveness reduces over time and our programs are designed to be completed on a 3 week or 4 week interval (Depending on your service level)  This will maintain those Zones of Relief and help you enjoy your outdoor spaces this Mosquito season!


Seasonal Mosquito Protection

For protection from mosquitoes during the spring and summer months, Modern Pest Control offers a seasonal mosquito control service.

Treatments are performed monthly from March-November when these biting pests are at their peak. We use the latest products and technology to significantly reduce adult mosquitoes as well as prevent mosquito larvae from hatching.


Take Back Your Lawn With Our Monthly Mosquito Control

$20 OFF your first service with an annual service agreement

  • Our Mosquito Programs are performed Monthly (March - November) or every three weeks depending on which program you choose for your yard.
  • Our Multiple Mode of Action treatments target all life stages of mosquitoes (adult, larvae, eggs) as well as address active and potential breeding sites.
  • Our No Odor treatments are applied using a backpack mister and also help control spiders and other crawling insects in the application area.


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Basic Mosquito Program

  • 9 monthly treatments March through November
  • Use of topical mosquito treatment for mosquito resting and harborage areas around your home
  • Multi Mode of Action product designed to combat mosquitos a different life stages
  • Starting at $70

Mosquito Plus Program

  • Services every 3 weeks during Mosquito Season
  • Use of topical mosquito treatment for mosquito resting and harborage areas around your home
  • Multi Mode of Action product designed to combat mosquitos a different life stages
  • Additional  Insect Growth regulator granule applied to water catchment areas on your property
  • Addition of two Passive Mosquito trap devices in your yard
  • Starting at $85

Frequently Asked Questions

How to control mosquitoes?

While mosquitoes are a difficult pest in some respects, they can be controlled in a variety of ways. Modern Pest Control employs a wide variety of tools and control methods when fighting mosquitoes, including seasonal treatments and mosquito misting systems. These tools give us a great deal of control over we approach your mosquito problem, allowing us to create a customized solution that’s perfect for you. 

Can pest control get rid of mosquitoes?

Yes, pest control can eliminate your mosquito problem. While no one-time treatment could ever completely stop mosquitoes from returning to your home, an ongoing treatment program from Modern Pest Control is the perfect way to protect your home from mosquitoes today, tomorrow, and into the future. 

How to control mosquitoes in the yard?

The only way to prevent mosquitoes from getting into your yard is by eliminating any and all sources of standing water that they could try to use as a breeding pool. Unfortunately, that’s next to impossible around Houston. Summers are hot and humid, the perfect combination for mosquitoes to thrive in yards across the region. Ultimately if you want mosquitoes gone from your lawn, the only solution is to call a professional mosquito control provider for help. 

Do mosquito control services work?

Modern Pest Control offers two primary mosquito control services: seasonal treatments and mosquito misting systems. Seasonal treatments kill active mosquitoes in the air as well as their developing larvae in the water, while mosquito misting systems are lasting installments around your yard that mist your yard with insecticide at specific intervals. 


Mosquito Misting System

For year-round control, Modern Pest Control installs Mistaway Systems, a proven long-term mosquito management system. Inconspicuous in design, this system:

  • Is a state-of-the-art tankless mosquito and insect control misting system.

  • Is small and compact sized. No big tank or drum, like other systems. 

  • Dilutes and delivers insecticide from cartridges.

  • Is easily programmed to dilute rates and misting times to meet seasonal demands.

  • Features Imist Technology and Advanced Leak Detection all controlled from your smartphone.

To learn more about how Mistaway helps prevent mosquitoes around your property click below to explore Mistaway Approved Insecticides.


Mistaway Approved Insecticides

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Modern’s specially trained mosquito management professionals will thoroughly inspect your property and discuss coverage areas most important to you and your family to design a layout customized for your property.

standing water that could be a breeding spot for mosquitos

 Areas identified as mosquito breeding or resting sites will be modified or eliminated to enhance the effectiveness of the misting system, and Modern will make sure the system is up and running and that you are properly trained on how to operate it.

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Once the system is installed, our service and support will continue! We provide regular service visits to maintain the equipment and refill product. Our technicians are always available to answer any questions or review the operation instructions. 


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