Chinch Bugs

What do chinch bugs look like?

Adult chinch bugs grow to about 1/5th of an inch in length. They are usually black in color and have distinctive white patches on their wings. When their wings are at rest the white patches give the chinch bugs the appearance of having and X on their backs. Chinch bugs nymphs are smaller in size than the adults, are reddish in color, and have a white band going across their backs.

Are chinch bugs dangerous?

Chinch bugs are not dangerous to people and are not known to pose any health risks. However, chinch bugs are extremely dangerous to lawns and turf grass. Chinch bugs use their specialized, piercing mouthparts to suck out grass and plant sap, injuring them in the process and causing yellow or brown patches to form in the lawns that they are infesting.

Where am I likely to find chinch bugs?

Chinch bugs are a type of lawn pest and are found outside, living in and feeding on turfgrasses. They are more likely to be found in areas of grass that are fully exposed to the sun. Chinch bugs cause most of their damages from early July thru late August; this is the time of year when they are actively feeding on plants and grasses and when the weather is usually at its hottest and driest.

Does Modern offer chinch bug control?

At Modern Pest Control, we provide pest control solutions for homes and businesses that include treatment for lawn pests like chinch bugs. When you contact our company with your chinch bug problem, we will start with a thorough inspection to determine where chinch bugs are living on your property. Our professionals will then design a layout customized for your property to control chinch bug populations. Contact Modern Pest Control today for more information about the control solutions we provide in the Greater Houston area.

How can I prevent chinch bug infestations?

Preventing chinch bug infestations on your property is a difficult job. The best way to keep your Texas lawn free of these damaging pests is to partner with Modern Pest Control. Our professionals will treat the areas of your lawn that are currently infested with chinch bugs to suppress their numbers, as well as perform a preventative treatment on the rest of the yard. Give us a call to learn more about our lawn pest control services.


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