Clothes Moths

What do clothes moths look like?

The webbing clothes moth is the most common species of clothes moth found in our area of Texas and across the United States. Adult webbing clothes moths are uniformly gold in color and have reddish-brown hairs located on the tops of their heads; they also have golden hairs that outline their wings. Webbing clothes moths can also be identified by the patches of silk webbing that their larva produces in order to create temporary feeding tubes. They leave these feeding tubes and patches of silk webbings behind when they move to a new feeding location.

Are clothes moths dangerous?

Clothes moths aren’t considered dangerous to people. They don’t bite, sting, or contaminate food sources. However, clothes moths are considered to be dangerous to personal property. Their larval stage is the stage of development that causes the most damage to fabrics. The larvae feed on natural fabrics, preferring items made from wool and fur; items they are commonly found feeding on include clothing, carpets, upholstered furniture, and furs.

Where am I likely to find clothes moths?

Adult Clothes moths avoid light and therefore are most often found living and feeding in dark quiet areas of homes such as closets, basements, and attics. These moths also prefer to live in areas of high humidity.

Does Modern offer clothes moth control?

At Modern Pest Control, we provide pest control solutions for homes and businesses, which include treatment for clothes moths. When you contact our company for your clothes moth problem, we start with a thorough inspection to determine where clothes moths are living on your property. Our professionals will then design a plan customized for your property to control clothes moth populations. Contact Modern Pest Control today for more information about the control solutions we provide in the Greater Houston area.

How can I prevent clothes moth infestations?

Preventing clothes moth infestations can be a difficult job. Listed below are a few tips on how to discourage clothes moths from choosing your property to live on and to keep them from migrating into your home.
  • To prevent adult clothes moths from finding their way into your home, make sure that all window and door screens are intact.
  • Regularly vacuum and dust your home.
  • Any clothing, blankets or other like items that are going to be put into storage should be washed and thoroughly dried and placed in sealed bags or plastic containers with locking lids, not in cardboard boxes.
  • Keep humidity levels in basements and other storage areas low by utilizing de-humidifiers and/or fans.


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