Fruit Flies

What do fruit  flies look like?

Fruit flies, along with being known for loving to feed on ripe fruits and vegetables, are well-known for their vibrant red eyes; although it is important to note that some species have plainer black or brown colored eyes. Fruit fly adults are very small, only grow to be about 1/8th of an inch in length, have oval-shaped bodies, and are brownish-black to yellowish-brown in color. Their wings are translucent. Fruit fly larvae are whitish in color except for their two dark-colored mouth hooks; their bodies are tapered and worm-like. 

Are fruit flies dangerous?

Yes, fruit flies are dangerous to have living inside of your home, feeding on and breeding in your family’s food sources. Before finding their way inside of your home they were most likely in contact with some less than desirable items, where their body and legs become contaminated with a wide variety of dangerous bacteria, viruses, and disease. Once they find their way inside of your home they will transmit those same dangerous bacteria, viruses, and disease to you and your family by contaminating food sources and food prep areas. 

Where am I likely to find fruit flies?

Fruit fly numbers are very abundant in the fall or during the harvest season; these pests often find their way inside of and become a huge nuisance in homes, restaurants, grocery stores, and food processing facilities. Properties that have gardens, compost piles, and areas of unsecured garbage will also quickly attract fruit flies. If fruit flies have found their way inside of your home either on their own or through infested fruits and vegetables purchased from the store, they will typically be found living in kitchen and pantry areas. 

Does Modern offer fruit fly control?

Yes, we do! When you contact Modern for fruit fly control in Houston, Katy, or elsewhere in our service area, a licensed pest control technician will inspect your property, determine what conditions are attracting them and then develop a plan of action that results in a fly-free home or business! Visit our residential or commercial pest control page to learn more about getting rid of fruit flies or simply contact us for more information.

How can I prevent fruit fly infestation?

Fruit flies are very small in size, meaning that they can enter into a home through the tiniest of openings, making preventing these pests from gaining access inside very difficult. Luckily though, there are some steps that you can take to help prevent a fruit fly infestation from occurring inside of your home. Make sure to inspect fruits and vegetables for signs of fruit flies before purchasing them and bringing them home from the grocery store or farmer's market.  After bringing home produce from the store, place it in the refrigerator instead of out on the table or counter; any produce that becomes overripe should be immediately discarded. If you have garden areas on your property, immediately pick up any fruits or vegetables that have fallen to the ground. It is also important to regularly remove garbage from your home, along with disinfecting and rinsing out trash cans. Routinely disinfect sinks and drains and make sure not to leave dirty dishes in sinks for long periods of time.

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