Preparing For A Cockroach Treatment

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As with all insects removing cockroaches from a home is very difficult. It is very important to have the cooperation of the tenant or resident to make sure the treatment is as effective as possible. Below is a list of preparations that should be completed prior to treatment for cockroaches.

Preparations To Be Completed By The Resident:

  • All cabinets should be emptied and any infested food should be discarded.
  • The range, oven, and entire kitchen area should be cleaned thoroughly.
  •  Items that are stored on top of the refrigerator should be removed so we can pull it out and treat behind it.
  • All trash cans should be emptied as well.

What To Expect The Day Of the Treatment:

  • On the day of the treatment, the technician will first come into the home and do an inspection on the unit.
  • Your technician may, if necessary, use a hepa vacuum to remove adult and juvenile insects.
  • Treatment products may include baits, dust, insect growth regulators and liquid insecticides.

What To Expect After The Treatment:

  • Seeing cockroaches after the treatment is not unusual.
  • It is very important to not use ANY cleaners in the kitchen or treated areas for 14-21 days.
  • Follow up treatments may be necessary.

These steps are not mere suggestions but are necessary to get rid of the problem. Remember these problems take time to get under control and help from you the tenant is of the utmost importance. If we do not cooperate and work together the problem may continue or get worse.

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