Treatment Of Stored Product Pests

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bugs in rice

Stored product pests are just that, pests that infest stored products.  These include some beetles, some moths (like Indian meal moths), weevils, and other insects.

Treatment for stored product pests is as simple as finding the source of the infestation and getting rid of it.

See below for step by step instructions on how to find stored product pests and what to do if you discover them:

Step 1: Go through all stored foods including, flour, pasta, oatmeal, cereal, rice, sugar, cornmeal, pet food, and any other food stored in the area where the insects are being seen.

Step 2:  Once the infested product is located, remove it from your home.  If the trash day is a few days away, triple bag it and put it in your freezer until trash day.

Step 3:  Clean the shelves with hot water and any type of household cleaner that is labeled for general use.

Step 4: Restock your pantry and be sure to use resealable plastic containers for all grains, cereals, pastas, and other commodities. 

Step 5: Your pest control professional from Modern Pest Control will then assess the situation and make a treatment recommendation.  The treatments can be a crack and crevice treatment with a  residual insecticide, insecticidal dust application, an insect growth regulator application or a combination of all three.

Step  6:  Monitoring.  With your help, we will monitor the insect situation.  Keeping a close eye on all grains that may come back into the house is the best way to keep ahead of stored product pest problems.

These steps alone will eradicate a stored product pest infestation.  Treatment of the adults may be necessary, but any and all treatments will be unsuccessful if these steps are not followed.


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