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Trapping & Exclusion Services

Wildlife is a serious problem for property owners in Texas. Not only do these pests damage buildings and belongings, they create safety hazards and introduce health risks. Among the many nuisance animal calls we receive, squirrels, possums, raccoons, skunks, and bats top the list. If you’re hearing noises in the attic, have discovered droppings, or have noticed holes around vents and roof pitches or other openings on the exterior of your structure that are allowing wildlife in, it's time to call a home pest control expert, and Modern Pest Control is ready to help!

How We Resolve Wildlife Problems

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A trained and licensed pest control technician will inspect your property to diagnose the animal and locate potential entry points like breezeways (or super highways as we like to call them), utility access points, and openings along the roofline. 


Based on our findings, we’ll implement a plan to target the animal(s) in your structure. For squirrels and other rodents control, trapping devices are effective while one-way exit doors are better suited for raccoons and possums. If you have a bat infestation, trapping is not an option but we’ll work with you to exclude these pests.


No matter what type of infestation you’re experiencing, you’ll benefit from Modern’s exclusion services. We will seal any active openings as well as potential pest entry points using material such as heavy gauge screen and screws.  

Modern's Wildlife Warranty

Modern Pest Control guarantees our wildlife control in Houston work. If the holes we seal are re-opened by pests within the one year warranty period, we will come back free of charge to re-seal the holes. This warranty can be extended. Please ask us for details.


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