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a small but earger texas mouse feasting on a bag of grain in a sunny barn

Which Pests To Watch For In The Fall In Houston  

When insects come in, other pests that are more tolerant to cold temperatures can follow, such as spiders and rodents. For this reason, infestations of spiders and rodents often rise at the end of fall and the beginning of winter. It is important to take the time now to bolster your defenses.   Read More >

a spring tail ccrawlong along the tile floor of a river oak texas property

Have Springtails Overtaken Your River Oak Home?  

Springtails are social creatures and love swarming with large groups underneath carpets, around house plant pots, and drainage pipes. Backyard pools can often get overrun by these creatures, creating a filmy scum on top of the water as they die off. Some home remedies do exist, but springtail colonies often out-breed any attempt to stifle their numbers. Read More >

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