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mouse looking for shelter in texas

Mice Prevention Tips Every Homeowner Should Know About

It might seem like a ridiculous thing you only see on TV shows – the damsel in distress hopping up on a chair when a mouse scurries by. How many of us have done the same thing or know a friend who has? While they are tiny, mice seem to elicit fear in many of us, and rightly so. Not only are we uncomfortable having unwanted pests in our homes, but they can carry disease and wreak havoc inside our… Read More >

dog itching with fleas

How Do Fleas Get into Our Homes?

Your home can become infested with fleas thanks to your pets who wander around outside and encounter these parasites. Fleas in the grass or on other animals can leap right onto your pets to find themselves a good meal. These little hitchhikers multiply quickly and can infest your entire Katy home, causing bites and infections on your pets and human family members alike. While pets carrying fleas… Read More >

neighborhood in texas

Pest Pressures Every Resident in Friendswood Must Face

Friendswood truly is a friendly place to live, its residents work together to make this Texas city a place that any person or family would be proud to call home. People in Friendswood learn, work, play and worship together helping to make this city a perfect place to reside and recharge from daily life. However, the unfortunate truth is that no matter how perfect Friendswood seems, there are… Read More >

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