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raccoon hiding in attic

Pests That Go Bump in the Night

October is a spooky month. We celebrate fall, changing leaves, and Halloween. This October is even better with a Friday the 13th this month too. We are naturally on edge. Sure, we love to put up fake spiders, wear spooky costumes, and freak each other out with spooky sounds. In October, we celebrate all the unknowns that go bump in the night, but when unknown sounds wake you up in the middle of… Read More >

mouse sneaking around texas home

Don't Underestimate Mice & Bugs in Greater Houston

You may think that now that summer is over you don’t need to worry about pests interfering with your life; after all, this is when mosquitoes, spiders, and ticks begin to decrease. But the end of summer marks the height of some of the biggest pest troubles. Mice, stink bugs, roaches, and many other pests know that fall is coming and that winter is not far behind. By the time that September rolls… Read More >

mosquito biting texas resident

Mosquitoes After The Hurricane

There are no words that can describe what Hurricane Harvey has done. It is an once-in-a-lifetime storm that will cost the state more than a $190 billion to recover from. That is more than double what Hurricane Sandy cost, and triple what Hurricane Andrew cost. Homes and businesses will need to be rebuilt. Infrastructure will need to be repaired. And lives will need to begin again. But, we are… Read More >

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