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A Look Back At The Pest Problems Of 2017

Pests are always going to be around. No matter the season, no matter the place, nature persists and we have to deal with them. That being said, it is always a good idea to look back on the previous year to examine the pest pressures that caused the most concern, so that we can look forward and better anticipate the pest pressures to come. Here are the top 5 pests that caused the most concern in… Read More >

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Pests to Expect This Winter

If you live here in Texas, then you know that we have our weather issues to deal with, but frigid winter temperatures are not one of them. Generally speaking, temperatures rarely drop below 44 degrees Fahrenheit; and temperatures in the northern part of the state drop below zero less than 2 days per year on average. Overall, we have it pretty good when the winter months come around; especially… Read More >

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3 Ways To Ensure A Pest-Free Holiday Season

Wow, it is unbelievable that Thanksgiving is already just around the corner. It seems like just yesterday we were beginning all of our fun summer activities! Where did the time go? Now, as we turn our attention to fall, and the changing pest pressures, we have to react less to swarming mosquitoes and hornets' nests cropping up in every other corner, and instead turn our attention and focus on… Read More >

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What To Do About Spooky Pests

As Halloween approaches, many of us spend more time watching scary movies, reading thrillers, or trying to scare our friends - and as a result – we spend more time looking over our shoulders and feeling on edge. The increase of fall pests like spiders, rodents, and bats certainly don’t help put us at ease during the spooky season, either! Read More >

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