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boxes and storage

Houston’s Ultimate Spring Pest Prevention Guide

Spring is the time to start fresh. By clearing clutter from our homes and by ridding ourselves of the unneeded materials that we may have collected over the past year, we are removing pest habitats. To help you get the most out of our services, Modern Pest Control provides the following ultimate pest prevention guide. Read More >

a pigeon walking on a side walk

Little-Known Ways Pigeons In Houston Can Be A Big Problem

Birds aren’t usually the first type of animal we think of when people mention pests and nuisance wildlife. Some birds, like pigeons, have become so enmeshed in our everyday lives, particularly in big cities like Houston, that most people don’t give them a second thought. However, pigeons can be a big problem for our urban environments, and not knowing why they are a big deal can end up costing… Read More >

a large colony of swarming termites

It’s Termite Season In Houston; Are You Ready?

Most people don’t think about the signs of termites until the problem is too far along to do much about it, and people outside of the pest-prevention world often don’t know the right time to enact termite-prevention methods. But don't worry! We’ve got you covered for all things termites. Read More >

house mouse in home

What Every Katy Homeowner Ought To Know About House Mice

If you were to walk into your kitchen and see a mouse running along the wall, what would your response be? Whether you think mice are cute little friends or creepy little critters, there are several things you should know about these furry houseguests. Read More >

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