Have Springtails Overtaken Your River Oak Home?

Have Springtails Overtaken Your River Oak Home?

What’s worse than an annoying, swarming insect that can't wait to get into your home? Thousands of them overtaking your property in a single, jumping motion.

No longer technically considered insects, springtails cause an immense amount of frustration for homeowners during the late summer season. Springtails got their name due to the high jumping behavior they exhibit when startled. Destruction isn't the biggest concern when dealing with springtails—they do little if any damage to plant leaves and roots.

Springtails are social creatures and love swarming with large groups underneath carpets, around house plant pots, and drainage pipes. Backyard pools can often get overrun by these creatures, creating a filmy scum on top of the water as they die off. Some home remedies do exist, but springtail colonies often out-breed any attempt to stifle their numbers.

Once a few of these creatures get into the walls of your home, they will likely never leave.

What Are Springtails?

Springtails, tiny hexapods, are often found in River Oaks homes during certain times of the year. These minuscule creatures are typically no more than 1-2 millimeters (1/20 inch) in length, making them nearly invisible to the naked eye. While they are harmless to humans and pets, their presence can still be a nuisance within the home.

One of the most common issues associated with springtails is their sheer numbers. They reproduce rapidly, and large populations can quickly infest indoor areas, especially in damp or humid environments. River Oaks, with its humid subtropical climate, can provide an ideal habitat for these creatures.

Springtails are often drawn to moisture, and they thrive in damp areas such as basements, bathrooms, and kitchens. They feed on decaying organic matter and algae, which is often found in moist environments, making homes with plumbing leaks or high humidity more susceptible to infestations.

While springtails are not known to cause structural damage, their presence can be unsightly and bothersome. Homeowners may notice tiny jumping bugs in sinks, on bathroom floors, or around drains. Addressing the root cause, such as fixing leaks or reducing humidity, can help control springtail populations.

In summary, springtails, though harmless, can become a nuisance inside River Oaks homes, especially in humid environments. By maintaining proper moisture control and addressing the conditions that attract them, homeowners can keep these tiny insects at bay.

Bring Springtails To A Standstill

While springtails cannot be eliminated entirely from River Oak properties, following these steps can help prevent them from continuing to multiply and 'cloud up' within your home.

  • Humidity, moisture, and standing water puddles are the springtail's habitat of choice. Even mildly humid areas of your home are more than enough to sustain a colony. Run a dehumidifier in trouble areas around your home. If you suspect a deeper issue, contact a reputable repair company in your area. 

  • Keep leaves, grass, and other decaying matter away from the house as this is a springtail's favorite food.

  • Check around the house for holes in window screens, cracks in foundations, and damaged door seals. Eliminating entry points will keep new springtails from infesting.

  • If springtails are getting into the house, chances are something else is too. Schedule an inspection with a pest control company to ensure no other pest activity is evident in your home.

If preventative measures don't seem to stop the increase in springtail activity, it may be time to seek out the care of a professional pest control company.

Modern Pests Require Modern Pest Control 

Springtails are aggravating pests that cost a great deal of time and money to remove. Their frustrating infestation habits and large numbers can pose problems for homeowners at all times of the year, and cause unnecessary stress at the start of a new school year. At Modern Pest Control, we understand that our client's peace of mind is their number one priority. Offering free inspections to all our potential clients, Modern is committed to helping you exterminate pests and experience success. 

Reach out to us today to experience the Modern Difference.

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