What To Do About The Flies Surrounding Your Home In The Woodlands
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What To Do About The Flies Surrounding Your Home In The Woodlands

There aren’t too many people living on the planet who don’t think flies are one of the most annoying insect species in existence. Nothing is worse than when these pests fly around your face making that loud buzzing sound in your ears. And because they’re known for feeding on rotting food, decaying matter, and animal waste, they can spread germs that cause illness if they get inside your home and contaminate your surfaces and food items.

Fortunately, Modern Pest Control provides the most effective solutions to get rid of common house flies around your property. Our experienced team understands the frustration that these pesky nuisance pests can cause, which is why we take action quickly. Read further to learn about flies and how we can provide pest control in The Woodlands to eliminate them fast.

What Type Of Flies Are Common In The Woodlands Homes?

If you’ve lived in The Woodlands for any length of time, chances are you’ve come across a fly or two zooming around your home. Our area is home to four main types of flies, so don’t be surprised if you see any of the following insects:

  • Flesh flies: Known to infest meat packing facilities, these insects are attracted to decaying matter, animal remains, human food, and pet excrement.

  • House flies: House flies are the most common type of fly, pestering property owners and typically found swarming around garbage cans and dumpsters.

  • Phorid flies: This fly feeds on and breeds in moist, decomposing organic matter. Can be found around drains in bathroom and kitchen areas.

  • Fruit flies: Fruit flies are mostly attracted to ripened vegetables and fruits in the kitchen. They prefer to breed in trash bins, drains, and garbage disposals. 

Even though none of these are the types of flies that bite, they can spread harmful diseases around your home that could make you and your family sick. Therefore, get in touch with Modern Pest Control to schedule a property inspection.

Why Fly Infestations Seem To Come Out Of Nowhere

Fly infestations can appear to come out of nowhere. These insects have a short lifespan and reproduce quickly, so populations can explode in size in the blink of an eye. A few flies can quickly turn into many if they find suitable breeding and feeding conditions. Flies are attracted to food, garbage, and other organic matter, so an infestation may be the result of a buildup of these materials on or near your property. Because of this, it’s imperative to remove trash often and keep it secured. 

Flies in The Woodlands can also travel long distances in search of food and breeding sites, so an infestation may originate from a nearby location before becoming a problem for you. Additionally, weather conditions may play a role in the occurrence of flies. Warm and humid climates are favorable for flies to reproduce and thrive.

Poor sanitation conditions can increase the number of flies dramatically. So, in addition to keeping garbage cans sealed, make sure to regularly wash the inside of your bins to remove stuck-on gunk that can still attract flies even after the trash has been collected by waste removal. Contact a reputable pest control company like Modern Pest Control to get rid of flies swarming around your property. 

Factors That Attract Flies To Your House

Flies are attracted to a variety of elements that are commonly found in and around homes, such as food, moisture, organic matter, and light. Some flies are attracted to certain chemicals on the skin, such as lactic acid and carbon dioxide, which is why they might be drawn to some people more than others. If you want to reduce or eliminate house flies, the key is to identify the attractants present in your home and address them quickly. At Modern Pest Control, we can assist you with making your residence a no-fly zone.

How To Completely Get Rid Of Flies In Your House

If you want to completely rid your home of flies, partner with the professionals at Modern Pest Control. We’ve been providing reliable home pest control solutions to our residents since 1952. Flies in The Woodlands don’t stand a chance against our expertly trained team. We work fast to restore your living spaces back to the safe and comfortable environment you deserve. Give us a call today to request your free inspection!

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