Why Can't I Keep Mice Out Of My Houston Home?
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Why Can't I Keep Mice Out Of My Houston Home?

Mice pop up all over pop culture. Obviously, Mickey is probably the most famous, but don’t discount the Three Blind Mice or Tom (ya know…from Tom and Jerry?). And you definitely can’t count out Stuart Little. Whichever your favorite mouse of the movie screen is, you’re always excited to see them. But when you see a mouse in your house, excitement is the last thing you should be feeling. If you knew the damage mice could cause to your health and home, you’d realize just how much care you should take in keeping them out.

Little Rodents, Little Issues…Right?

Most average house mice in Houston are greyish brown and only about three inches long, not including the tail. This differentiates them from rats, as rats are actually twice as big. Another notable difference from rats is the intelligence level of mice. I don’t want to be hateful, so we’ll just say that they’re not exactly graduating at the top of their class.
However, what they lack in size and intelligence, they make up for in…squeeze-ability? You see, house mice can squeeze through holes in the wall the size of a quarter, which means they can easily sneak under the cracks of a door in the house, and they’ll almost always find a way in. So why can’t you keep mice out of your Houston home? The short answer is, well, they’re very small and very determined. They have very big teeth (relatively), so what they can’t squeeze through, they’ll chew through.
The problem with them getting into your house, though, isn’t that they are scary to encounter in the basement. No, it’s not that the mice are getting in, it’s what they’re bringing in with them.

Severe Health Liability

Unfortunately, mice are just as talented at carrying diseases into your home as they are at squeezing into it. You see, when they’re not in your house, they enjoy hanging out in nasty places like dumpsters, garbage cans, and landfills. They’ll bring bacteria from those places into your home and contaminate anything they touch, including the same surfaces you touch and prepare food on frequently.
Along with carrying diseases, they also leave droppings everywhere, which have just as much bacteria on them as the actual mice. And that’s not all. Due to their talented chompers, they’ll chew through electrical wiring, insulation, and thin walls to get where they want to go.
Furthermore, they compound these issues by, well, compounding their numbers. Mice are incredibly prolific, reproducing very quickly within your walls. That’s why it can be very difficult to get rid of them yourself. You can try traps and poison, but it’s tough to get control over the whole infestation. Just remember, if you see one mouse in your house, there’s almost always a few more…which will become a LOT more in less than a few weeks.

Protection You Can Count On

Now, there is one more trick that the Internet “experts” will tell you to try. Mice are scared of changing environments. If they’re living in your yard, they want to know that it’s their home. Wouldn’t you be scared if someone kept moving stuff around in your house without your knowledge? That’s why rearranging your landscaping and lawn decorations and switching up your wood storage areas can deter mice activity on your property. They’ll get confused, spooked, and want to head somewhere else.
However, if you’re not into rearranging your lawn and yard-storage areas every two or three days, the good news is: you don’t have to defend your house by yourself. With severe health risks at stake, why would you leave it up to chance? For total mouse and rodent control, contact the professionals at Modern Pest Control today. They prevent and remove rodents from thousands of Houston homes every year, leaving nothing but satisfied customers in their wake.

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