Should I Worry If I Have Spiders In My Katy Home?
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Should I Worry If I Have Spiders In My Katy Home?

There are hundreds of spider species native to Texas, several dozen located right here in Texas. While the vast majority of these creatures cannot significantly impact human health, some could be extremely dangerous and even deadly.

Spiders are a unique type of predatory arachnids that feed on other animals, particularly beetles, flies, and spiders. For this reason, they introduce a unique kind of fear to Katy households and their inhabitants, especially as infestations begin to grow in size. 

In this blog post, we’re going to explore the many reasons why spiders invade Katy's homes, discussing identifying factors, prevention steps, and all the information necessary to find professional help.

Why Do I Have Spiders In My Katy Home?

Although they may seem far more insignificant than other forms of life, spiders are by no means unintelligent animals. Their ability to quickly and easily identify potential habitats makes them a powerful predator in any environment. Spiders do not choose their living locations by mistake. There are at least three reasons why spiders have decided to invade your Katy home:

  1. The Presence Of Spiders: Like all pests, spiders require a large amount of water to survive. 

  2. Plenty Of Food: Spiders prey on smaller bugs, flies, and other types of pests that could also have infested your home. 

  3. Temperature Stability: Although spiders can remain active all year long in Katy, they are much more partial to heat than cold. For this reason, you can often spot spiders taking cover in human buildings during the winter season. 

There could be other reasons why spiders are present in your Katy home. To schedule a comprehensive home inspection, get in touch with the pros at Modern Pest Control.

Are Spiders In My Katy Home Dangerous?

Texas is known as a spider hot spot area for a good reason. Our warm, moist summers make a seasonal breeding ground for insects of all kinds, doubling the food available to spiders and their families. Additionally, mild winter seasons allow for year-round feeding and breeding, worsening the issue. Finally, a growing population makes it more and more difficult for spiders to stay out of your house, complicating the point even further.

Of the several hundred spider species found around the Katy area, only two are potentially dangerous to human health and wellness.

The black widow spider is easily one of the best known in the area, cited for its habit of consuming slower males after copulation. These creatures are regularly misidentified, although there are some apparent characteristics for homeowners to look out for:

  • The average black widow spider is roughly 1.5 inches long 

  • All black widow spiders share the same shiny black color pattern 

  • Black widow spiders have a red hourglass symbol underneath their abdomens 

The toxins in the bite of a black widow spider are released in fairly small doses. When they enter the human bloodstream, their deadly effects can destroy tissue, kill off muscle and skin, and cause intense pain. Please seek medical attention immediately if you suspect that a black widow spider has bitten you.

The brown recluse is the second deadly spider found in Katy, Texas. Sometimes referred to as a fiddlehead spider, these arachnids are noteworthy for their ability to cause paralysis, drooling, and seizures in victims. Although these pests are often misidentified by home and business owners, there are a few ways to tell them apart from other spiders:

  • Brown recluse spiders are covered in thin, brown bristles 

  • There is a faint fiddlehead marketing on the abdomen of brown recluse spiders 

  • These spiders are significantly smaller than black widows, only ½ an inch in size 

Because brown recluse bites are considered to be far deadlier than their black widow counterparts, it’s important to stay far away after identification. Do not attempt to pick up, touch, or otherwise interact with the spider. Instead, get in contact with the crew at Modern Pest Control.

How Do I Get Rid Of Spiders In My Katy Home?

Before we discuss all the ways to eliminate spiders around your Katy home, you must understand the fact that it is simply not possible to destroy every possible spider vector. Thousands of spider species are located worldwide, with millions of individual arachnids found in the United States alone. Because these pests are widespread and play an essential role in our ecosystem, eliminating spiders is neither possible nor recommended. Instead, Modern Pest Control suggests removing them from the house using a series of prevention steps, protection strategies, and long-term pest control partnerships. 

Spotting a spider infestation in your home can be tricky at best. Finding a few webs around the corners or interior of the house may not be enough to quantify an entire infestation. Additionally, stressors associated with long-term spider activity could lead you to misdiagnose an infestation altogether.

Still, concerned about a potential spider infestation? Here are a couple of signs and symptoms to watch out for:

  • Sighting multiple spider vectors in the home within very close proximity to one another 

  • Discovering a high number of webs along walls, corners, and entry points 

  • Finding secondary pest infestation lingering around the home or business, usually beetles, ants, or additional small spiders 

  • Finding spider webs with a large number of caught bugs, specifically those found inside the home 

If you already have a spider infestation in or around the building, prevention steps will no longer be enough to remove their presence effectively. For this reason, moving on to professional home pest control strategies such as those offered by Modern Pest Control will always be a preferable option.

If there are no active spider infestations around your home or business, it will be important to establish some long-standing spider controls as soon as possible. Check out the list below for some ideas:

  • Start by practicing all the best pest control techniques. If possible, remove all forms of standing water from around the house. Use dehumidifiers to sop up the moisture present in chronic areas, and fix leaky pipes and clogged drains. If possible, eliminate excess water drain by hanging desiccant bags around pantries, laundry rooms, and other small spaces. 

  • Do what you can to remove trash and garbage from the home regularly. Filled bags should be removed entirely from the property at least once per week. Wash dishes regularly to avoid attracting unwanted attention and throw garbage away as soon as it is made. 

  • Spiders can slip through even the tiniest entry points, including those the size of a dime or smaller. Caulk and seal these suspect entry points with some form of waterproof sealant. Expanding foam is also an excellent option. Keep in mind that some entry point solutions are more expensive than others. Replacing the door sweeps and kicks may also help barricade the home, although this will cost more than simple caulking. 

  • Wipe away spider webs from walls, ceilings, and windows as soon as they are made. Be sure to thoroughly remove all webs from all clinging points and remove any anchors that could have established the web. If you happen to pick up a spider during this process, do not crush it. This action could release thousands of tiny spider babies into the home. Instead, flush the spider down the toilet, or throw it back into the yard. 

  • Do not attempt to remove the spider manually. Not only is it an ineffective strategy to undertake, but the act may also risk potential bites or attacks. Instead, reach out to a professional team such as Modern Pest Control. 

These spider prevention steps can do a world of good in helping to protect your Katy home or business. However, they are not always enough to stop infestations from taking place. For this reason, property owners experiencing a spider infestation should immediately reach out to the experts at Modern Pest Control. Feel free to call our local Katy office for a free quote or complete one of our helpful contact forms to be connected with an expert in your area. Someone will be with you shortly.

How To Prevent Future Spider Problems In Katy

When spiders begin to encroach on your Katy property, you’ll start feeling the crunch right away. If you’re not concerned about the potential root cause, you may be worried about how the pests will begin to affect yourself and your family. Which pests will be venomous, and which pests will not?

Instead of second-guessing yourself to the point of exhaustion, look no further than the experts at Modern Pest Control. A local Katy business with several decades of combined experience, our highly professional operatives has the opportunity to focus, remove, and ultimately eradicate any arachnids that have started infesting your home. 

At Modern Pest Control, we understand the stressors and fear accompanying a spider infestation. For this reason, we offer a highly vetted, fully licensed program that takes your needs into account. Unlike other pest control companies, we never bank on false positives, generalized lingo, or confusing acronyms. Instead, we do everything we can to make your pest control experience safe, easy, and highly cost-effective.

We follow this helpful extermination pattern for Katy locals experiencing issues related to spiders and other infestation behavior.:

  1. All spider control sessions begin with an initial inspection service. This is important for two reasons. First, our operatives will thoroughly evaluate the home for signs of spider activity and their many types of residues. Locating spiders and their hot spots will allow our experts to determine whether or not your spider issues contain venomous species. Second, a complete property evaluation will check the building for signs of secondary pest infestations, which could be a root cause of spider activity. 

  2. After the spider species and root cause have been correctly identified in the home, our team will sit down with you to discuss potential treatment options. Since straightforward prevention steps are no longer a possibility with this tactic, we will suggest several solutions that have worked for our customers in the past. Unlike so many other pest professionals, Modern Pest Control will provide fully scalable, entirely customizable spider treatment options for our customers. 

  3. Our team will begin the process of applying all spider control. We will remove webs from the sides of walls and windows, exterminating potential side effects or reinfestations. Next, we will safely remove any large living vectors from the home. By applying a very safe product to the interior and exterior of the property, our team can ensure spider removal within a few simple treatments.

Eliminating spiders is no easy task. Fortunately for Katy's home and business owners, Texas, total relief could be just a call, click, or message away from completion. When you’re ready to put your foot down against invading spiders and their families, trust the team at Modern Pest Control to remove excess vectors. 

Feel free to call our main Katy office using the number listed above and are you interested in scheduling your first visit? Complete the contact form to connect with an agent at your earliest convenience. We want to ensure the best possible solution to your arachnid-based problems from our little family to yours. Get in touch with Modern Pest Control today! 

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