Pests That Go Bump In The Night
Raccoon in the attic

Pests That Go Bump In The Night

October is a spooky month. We celebrate fall, changing leaves, and Halloween. This October is even better with a Friday the 13th this month too. We are naturally on edge. Sure, we love to put up fake spiders, wear spooky costumes, and freak each other out with spooky sounds. In October, we celebrate all the unknowns that go bump in the night, but when unknown sounds wake you up in the middle of the night,  you won’t be celebrating the unknown.

If you hear scratching, clawing, gnawing, and scurrying, it’s not the Halloween sounds coming from your haunted house playlist. It is wildlife and rodents in your home.

This Halloween, be on the lookout for the rodents and pests the go bump in the night.

Here is a guide to help you identify the sounds of unwanted guests creeping in your home. Sounds you hear from wildlife in your home includes scurrying sounds as mice and rats run across your floor, flapping and scraping as bats take refuge in your attic and scratching as skunks and possums hide in your walls and crawlspaces.

Whatever the sounds, you can bet that they are caused by one or more of these animals in your home:

  • Rats

  • Squirrels

  • Possums

  • Skunks

  • Bats

Wildlife can be beautiful, but they do not belong in your home. When you have wildlife in your home, they pose a physical threat to the structure and your family. Not only does wildlife pose a health risk because they may spread disease, but they also can become aggressive when cornered and can cause damage to your property as they try to find a place to hide and stay protected.

When you are dealing with wildlife in your home, contact a wildlife control professional to get rid of these animals safely.

Never try to get rid of wildlife in your home. You can become injured or ill, and you can cause more damage to your home. 

We have pest control Katy, Pest control Sugar Land, and pest control in Greater Houston. Modern Pest Control has rodent control and wildlife pest control plans that include exclusion and control services. Our professionals are skilled in humanely resolving  wildlife intrusions, managing birds, trapping and removing wildlife, cleaning up and restoring your attic, and providing exclusions services.

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