Why You Should Call The Professionals About Ants Around Your Houston Property
Two ants crawling on the ground.

Why You Should Call The Professionals About Ants Around Your Houston Property

One question every homeowner must face at one point or another is what to do about ants. These tiny social creatures seem to find their way into every home at one point or another. Some species are more destructive than others but one thing they all have in common is how difficult they are to eliminate once they’ve set up shop. Here’s what you need to know about Houston-area ants and how to keep them out of your home and business.

Common Ants In Houston

There are several types of ants you might see in your Houston home. While none are likely to be welcome, some signify greater risks than others. Among the most common are:

Fire Ants

These ants build their mounds in open sunny yards and fields. They tend to be around ¼ of an inch long and are red with a black stinger. These ants generally live outdoors but are a large concern to homeowners because of their aggressive nature. Fire ants have venomous stings that cause pain and can sometimes trigger allergic reactions. They attack in force when their nests are disturbed and are therefore dangerous to have living near homes.

Rover Ants

Relatively newly introduced to the United States, rover ants are a nuisance species. They are very small brown ants that nest under stones, leaf litter, and loose bark but they are also known to invade and establish nests in structures.

Tawny Crazy Ants

These ants are known and named for their erratic, jerky movements. They are highly adaptable to both moist and dry environments but will move indoors when their food sources are limited. Crazy ants have become a concern because of their ability to reproduce and develop huge populations. They also have a habit of shorting out electrical equipment.

Carpenter Ants

As their name suggests, carpenter ants make their living in wood. These reddish or black ants can grow to over half an inch in length and nest inside various wood sources. If left unchecked they can cause severe property damage as they tunnel through wood to build their nests.

The Problem With Ants

The problem with ants is three-fold. One problem is that ants carry pathogens and can spread diseases by contaminating food and surfaces. Two, some ants can cause costly property damage and even threaten the structure of your home. Three, even when faced with a relatively harmless species, ants are social insects that live in large colonies. A small infestation of any kind can quickly grow into a major pest problem for homeowners.

Houston, TX Ant Control

The best way to control ants in your home is to keep them out in the first place. This can be easier said than done but there are a few important things to keep in mind. Like most pests, ants enter properties looking for food, water, and shelter. The more you limit access to those three factors, the better your odds of avoiding an ant infestation become. However, once ants gain a foothold in your space, they can become almost impossible to eliminate.

The number one reason most homeowners can’t stand ants is how challenging they are to get rid of. If you are starting to feel overrun by these insects, call Modern Pest Control today.

How Modern Pest Control Can Help

Modern Pest Control has the experience and know-how to help you regain control of your home and lawn. Our five-step ant-elimination program has what it takes to get rid of infestations of any size.

  • Step 1: Inspection. We look at your property to locate all colonies, determine entry points, and find out what conditions are conducive to the ant population.
  • Step 2: Cultural, Mechanical, & Physical Control. We will look at the environment to see how ants can best be discouraged.
  • Step 3: Customized Plan. Based on our assessment of your property, we will determine the products needed and where to place them.
  • Step 4: Treatment. Our licensed pest control technicians will implement your custom plan including treating for ants both inside and outside of your home.
  • Step 5: Communication & Follow Up. We believe the best pest control comes from good communication. We will continue to follow up and return for subsequent visits as needed.

Contact Modern Pest Control today to learn more or to schedule your inspection. Learn more about our home pest control and commercial pest control services.

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