What To Do About Spooky Pests
Brown spider crawling on someone's arm.

What To Do About Spooky Pests

As Halloween approaches, many of us spend more time watching scary movies, reading thrillers, or trying to scare our friends - and as a result – we spend more time looking over our shoulders and feeling on edge. The increase of fall pests like spiders, rodents, and bats certainly don’t help put us at ease during the spooky season, either!

The fall season is a time when pests start looking for warm shelter with access to food and water to wait out the winter. Your home just happens to meet all of those requirements!

  • Spiders - While some spiders are poisonous, the majority of spiders in your home are harmless. They may bite and leave red, itchy, or painful bumps. Most of us don’t want to share our homes with spiders scurrying across the floor or making webs in the corners.

  • Bats - When bats make their nests in your attic, roofline, or anywhere else in your home – not only can they damage the structure of the property, but they can be dangerous. Bats are well-known for their potential to transmit rabies, but they can also transmit a disease called histoplasmosis from their bat droppings.

  • Rodents - Mice and rats love to spend the fall and winter in residential homes. They can get inside your home through very small openings, and once inside, reproduce and make themselves right at home! Rodents can cause property damage as they gnaw through wood, chew on electrical wires, and leave fecal matter everywhere they go. Rodents also transmit a variety of diseases to humans either through their bites or through contamination of your food through their bodies or fecal matter.

Fall Pest Prevention Tips

Keeping these spooky pests out of your home this fall requires that you seal any openings on the outside of your home that allows them to get inside. Walk around the perimeter of your home and examine the foundation, siding, and roofline for potential cracks or holes. Seal them with caulk and other materials. Check that your window screens are not ripped or full of holes, and repair or replace any that are damaged.

Outside, you should also move mulch and other landscaping away from the side of your house to discourage pests from checking out your home in the first place.

Year-Round Pest Control Services

Modern Pest Control of Katy, Texas can help you get through this spooky season with our year-round pest control services. Our residential programs protect you from common household pests all-year round. Give us a call for an inspection and to learn more about keeping these pests out of your home.

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