How Long Are Bees Active Around Houston?
Bee drinking a white flower's nectar.

How Long Are Bees Active Around Houston?

Bees are essential pollinators in our ecosystems with fascinatingly complex social structures. The production of many fruits and vegetables depends on them, and there has been a lot of concern over the recent decline of bee populations worldwide.

Still, they can also be highly problematic pests when they take over our yards. In this blog, the Modern Pest Control experts will explain the seasonality of these stinging insects in Houston, review why they are essential to the environment but potentially harmful for homeowners, and show you how professional bee removal in Houston, TX, is vital in eliminating an infestation.

Bee Seasonality In Houston

Bee seasonality typically follows a pattern that corresponds with our climate. We enjoy hot and humid summers and mild winters, meaning that stinging insect activity begins in the early spring, around March or April, when temperatures rise, and flowers bloom. Many types of bees naturally become more active, foraging for nectar and pollen to feed their colonies.

You might experience peak bee activity from May to June, in the late spring and early summer months, when flowering plants fully bloom and provide ample food sources. The warmer weather and longer daylight hours help make bee populations more robust, which benefits our local agriculture.

As summer progresses, bee activity remains high. Still, the extreme heat and occasional drought can be challenging for stinging insects. Some species, like honey bees, can regulate hive temperatures to stay productive regardless.

And finally, from September through October, bee activity begins to decline. They may still be active, but flower availability decreases. Many bee species hibernate or reduce their activity levels when winter rolls around.

While bee activity is essential for beekeepers and gardeners, it can be problematic for many homeowners.

Bees: Great For The Environment, Potentially Harmful For Homeowners

Bees play a vital role in our ecosystem through pollination efforts that support the growth of edible plants we depend on for survival. They contribute to biodiversity and help produce everything from fruits and vegetables to nuts. Unfortunately, they can also pose many challenges.

Some bee species will try to establish their hives in or around homes, including inside your attic or in trees on your property. It can lead to painful stings, expensive structural damage, and safety issues without experienced bee pest control.

If you are struggling with a bee infestation, working with a team of professionals is best. We can help you coexist with these crucial insects through safer and more effective strategies than DIY bee removal.

Why DIY Bee Removal Is Never Recommended

There are multiple reasons why DIY beehive removal is unsafe. Here are some of the main ones:

  • Safety: Bees can become aggressive if you disturb them. They will be quick to inflict painful stings that can be life-threatening.
  • Lack of expertise: You need specialized knowledge and equipment to remove a beehive. Without proper training, you could inadvertently harm the bees, cause damage to your property, and more.
  • Ethical concerns: In many areas, removing bees is illegal. Also, bees are essential pollinators facing declining populations. Working with professionals is often the safest option for everyone.
  • Reinfestation: Incomplete bee removal can attract other pests or even new swarms of bees to your property.

The best way to responsibly handle a bee infestation is through professional bee control strategies.

The Solution To Bee Activity In Houston

The solution to managing bee activity is through professional bee control strategies. Bees play a critical role in Houston. Still, their presence near your home can be problematic. Modern Pest Control has a team of licensed specialists with the experience to address bee infestations safely and effectively.

We provide our crew with the necessary training and protective gear to handle bees without putting you at risk of stings or causing unnecessary damage to your property. Call us today to learn about the safest and most environmentally responsible solutions for managing bee infestations while respecting their essential role in our ecosystem.

Modern Pest Control has the tools to eliminate bee infestations on your Houston property without anyone getting hurt. Call us or complete the form on our website to schedule your no-obligation inspection and learn about our bee removal services.

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