How Much Do You Really Know About Silverfish In Houston?
Silverfish crawling on a book.

How Much Do You Really Know About Silverfish In Houston?

Silverfish aren’t fish, of course, but the name is derived from the fish-like appearance of the tiny wingless insect known as the silverfish. The silverfish is a silvery light gray and appears very much like a tiny fish at first glance.

Silverfish can be found in homes throughout the U.S., although they are found primarily in the south. This is because Silverfish need two conditions to survive. They need humidity and heat, both of which you will find here in Texas. The Texas heat, which can stick around most of the year, is conducive to silverfish reproducing at a rapid pace. The heat not only helps the eggs hatch sooner, but it also allows females to lay more eggs than in areas where the climate is colder. This makes silverfish in Houston a particularly annoying problem.

Are Silverfish Dangerous to People?

We can tell you that silverfish are not harmful to people. They aren’t known to bite, they aren’t poisonous, they rarely cause any sort of allergic reaction, and they aren’t known to carry any pathogens. Silverfish won’t harm your pets either. Because they are attracted to moisture, they can let you know you may have an issue in your home with plumbing or excessive moisture build-up. Still, silverfish can be a nuisance. Who wants a bunch of bugs crawling around their home? That’s why it’s important to understand the underlying cause of a silverfish infestation.

Silverfish Like Moisture-Rich Environments

Silverfish, as we mentioned, like moisture and humidity. They are typically found in areas of the home where these conditions occur, such as the bathroom, attics, and basements. They can also be found in kitchens, under sinks, and around drains. They’re shy creatures, so they try to stay out of our sight. When you do see them, you will recognize them by their distinct appearance, and they will likely move quickly to a hiding place. 
Silverfish need carbohydrates to eat. They especially need sugars and starches. The glue found in books, linens, dead insects, and even foods high in sugar will attract silverfish. While we mentioned that they aren’t harmful, they can cause damage to these items and contaminate your food. Silverfish have even been found in unopened packages of food. They leave tiny holes in the material they eat and will often leave behind yellow stains.

How to Get Rid of Silverfish in Your Houston Home

You can reduce the risk of getting silverfish in your Houston home by cutting back on moisture in your home. Try these steps:

  • Run your air conditioner to keep humidity down.
  • Use ceiling fans if you have them. This will help keep moisture at bay.
  • Fix cracks and openings around your foundation and anywhere in the house that will make it easy for the tiny silverfish to get inside.
  • Take cooler showers if possible to eliminate humidity build-up. 
  • Be sure to clean corners and dark, humid areas of the home. Silverfish eggs take 19 to 22 weeks to hatch. The eggs are hidden well. It’s possible to have a reoccurrence of your problem if you rid your home of silverfish and don’t clean areas where there may be eggs.

Count on Modern Pest Control for Silverfish Removal and Prevention

At Modern Pest Control, we have extensive experience with pests of all types, including silverfish. Our pest control experts can help you find and eliminate all of the silverfish in your home. We can also help you in preventing silverfish from returning to your Houston home. Don’t let silverfish overrun your home. Call us today. We offer great customer service and guaranteed results. Let Modern Pest Control give you total control over your silverfish problem now.

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