Are Termites In Houston Good For Anything?
Termite crawling on wood.

Are Termites In Houston Good For Anything? 

It’s easy to assume that pests such as ticks and mosquitoes have no ultimate purpose in the grand scheme of things, but these incredible insects have a huge part to play in keeping our world clean and neat. 
We don’t often think of termites as beneficial creatures, but these insects are vital to the rot, decay, and consuming process of many outdoor things. Trees, plants, leaves, and other dead organic matter rely on the efforts of bacteria, molds, and termite colonies to eat and eventually break them down into reusable material. Once organic matter decomposes, it becomes incredibly rich, nutrient-dense soil.  
Termites lay their eggs in the heart of the nest, meaning that they are difficult to spot. As the larvae age, termites will enter a caste system where they become either general workers (the most populous of the castes), protective soldiers, or fertile kings and queens.

What Are The Signs Of Termites In Your Home?

Termites often produce a variety of symptoms if an infestation is established:

  • Hollow-sounding or warped wood 

  • Frass, or fine sawdust, around the home 

  • What looks like water damage on ceilings and floors 

  • Mud tunnels branching from the ground to areas rich in wood

The best approach to termite issues is to prevent them from infesting in the first place. To make your home less attractive to termites, you must:

  • Run a dehumidifier in humid/moist areas of the home. 

  • Have regular inspections from a certified professional.

  • Seal any cracks or crevices that lead into the home from the outside.

  • Don’t allow any rot on or around the home.

Can Termites In Your House Make You Sick?

Unlike other species of pest insects, termites are not known to carry diseases, bacteria, or parasites. However, termites can bite or even sting when handled or threatened, leaving a painful mark. Some individuals who are susceptible to their unique musk may develop an allergic reaction or asthma when around infested areas.

Tackle Termites With Modern Pest Control

Termites might be an important part of the ecosystem, but this doesn’t need to include your home. Should termites infest your property, it’s important to be aware that home remedies and over-the-counter sprays are not only largely ineffective but can be dangerous to your health. Attempting to handle termites yourself can ultimately lead to the situation worsening and lead you to irreparable home damage. To get access to the professional control you need, contact the pros at Modern Pest Control
Just because termites have infested doesn’t mean that your situation is unsalvageable. Reach out to us and get started on your solution today.

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