Tick Control Guide For Woodland Homeowners
Tick crawling on a plate.

Tick Control Guide For Woodland Homeowners

Ticks are parasites. These nasty pests need other species to survive, and they live on the blood of other mammals, including wildlife, pets, and even people. While it’s easy to assume that ticks in Woodland are only an issue if you spend a lot of time outdoors, this isn’t the case.

While being outdoors can increase your risk of tick bites, these pests can also invade properties. To keep yourself safe from ticks, it’s a good idea to implement Woodland pest control measures. Discover more about tick control in this helpful guide.

How To Identify Ticks In Woodland

The first step in tick control is identifying ticks in Woodlands and throughout Texas. The primary tick species in the area are lone star ticks, black-legged ticks, and American dog ticks. Here is what they look like:

  1.  It’s not surprising that lone star ticks are in Texas given their name. They have a brown body and legs, and the females have one white dot on their backs. The males are smaller and have more white markings than the females.
  2. Black-legged tick females have black legs and an orange crescent coloration on their backs. The males are mostly black. This species is known for spreading Lyme disease.
  3. American dog ticks are brown with yellow markings. They often bite ticks but can bite humans. They spread Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

If you notice any of these ticks around or want to prevent them, our pest control experts at Modern Pest Control can help. 

Diseases Ticks Can Carry

Ticks are known for being dangerous. Most people know about Lyme disease, and it’s probably the most notorious tick-borne illness. However, there are many other illnesses that these parasites can spread. These diseases include spotted fever, anaplasmosis, babesiosis, and ehrlichiosis. 

Of course, generally, tick bites won’t lead to any illnesses, but it’s still important to remain cautious. It’s a good idea to take prevention steps to avoid a tick bite and follow measures to keep ticks away from your property with professional tick control services.

How To Prevent Ticks From Biting You

When you're spending time in nature, especially in areas where ticks are known to be, there are a few things you should do. First, wear long pants and shirts. Second, do your best to stay on paths and avoid overgrown areas where ticks tend to wait for a host to pass by. Last, when you come home, check your body for tick bites.

If you suspect a tick bite, it’s essential to reach out to a healthcare professional. While Lyme disease has a relatively well-known symptom of a bulls-eye-shaped rash, there are many other tick-borne illnesses. These diseases can present in various ways, so it’s always best to remain vigilant.

Contact pest control experts for assistance for help on how to get rid of ticks in Woodland.

How You Can Reduce Ticks Around Your Yard

Overall, the best way to prevent ticks from infesting your yard is to address the common host animals that carry ticks. It would help if you started working with a vet to keep any pets protected from ticks. Then, focus on preventing wildlife and rodents that often bring ticks.

For further help with tick issues, learn how Modern Pest Control’s home pest services address both ticks and their host animals. Give us a call today to get started.

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