Is Professional Treatment For Cockroaches In Houston Worth It?
Cockroach on the edge of a wooden table.

Is Professional Treatment For Cockroaches In Houston Worth It?

What is it with roaches and summer?

If you live in Houston, you probably know that summer means cockroaches. The colder months can give you a false sense of security, as cockroaches are less active. If you don’t see them, that means they don’t exist, right? Wrong. Cockroaches are most active at night when you aren’t looking for them. They love the moisture in the air of many Houston homes, and the warmth of summer causes them to be more active than any other time of year. Before we get any further into summer, here are some things you should know about cockroaches and what to do if they’re in your home.

Why can’t you DIY cockroach control?

Most people don’t like cockroaches. But most people also don’t know exactly why these insects are so unlikeable. Cockroaches are unappealing insects. They’re drawn to food and decay. They will eat crumbs from your counter, but they will also eat feces and rotten materials. They can carry numerous forms of bacteria and even parasitic worms. It’s important to keep cockroaches out of your house so that none of these bacteria are transferred to you. Cockroaches can also cause problems if you have asthma, as their shed skin and feces can exacerbate asthma symptoms.

Cockroaches are hard to get rid of. They’re smart and, if you try setting up a trap, you may catch one cockroach, but the others will simply learn to avoid that area. Cockroaches are also able to build up a tolerance to chemicals, so spraying your own house could create super cockroaches that are resistant to treatment. Furthermore, the chemicals you can buy yourself can be harmful. If you spray too much or without proper preparation and ventilation, you could develop skin irritation or breathing difficulties due to these chemicals.

Another thing to keep in mind as you consider trying to kill cockroaches yourself is that they grow fast. A German cockroach can grow from newborn to mature adult in as little as 36 days! This means that they could be reproducing as quickly as you are exterminating. DIY cockroach control can easily turn into an endless cycle of cockroach wins.

What can you do about a cockroach problem?

If you have cockroaches, call Modern Pest Control. The professionals at Modern Pest Control have experience with the patterns and behaviors of cockroaches. Modern Pest control knows all about Texas cockroaches. They will have a much better idea of where cockroach activity happens in your home. They can find entrances that cockroaches may be using and can help you identify areas of your home that might be attracting cockroaches.

Modern Pest Control will first complete an inspection of your house to determine the best course of action for cockroach treatment. A professional pest control company knows how to eliminate insects and find the source of the problem to prevent future infestations. The best way to solve your cockroach problem is to call Modern Pest Control and give the professionals control of the chemicals.

After the inspection, professionals from Modern Pest Control will use systemic treatment to eliminate cockroaches. They treat specific areas known to inhibit cockroach activity. Professionals will also use control devices to prevent the arrival of any future cockroaches. Not only do they eliminate the current bug problem, but they also prepare your house for an infestation free future.

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