Little-Known Ways Pigeons In Houston Can Be A Big Problem
Pigeon on a ledge.

Little-Known Ways Pigeons In Houston Can Be A Big Problem

Birds aren’t usually the first type of animal we think of when people mention pests and nuisance wildlife. Some birds, like pigeons, have become so enmeshed in our everyday lives, particularly in big cities like Houston, that most people don’t give them a second thought. However, pigeons can be a big problem for our urban environments, and not knowing why they are a big deal can end up costing you time, energy and money

Pigeon Problems

Make no mistake, pigeons are more than just flying neighbors, they are pests that can pose some serious risks to your health and property. Just some of the problems that pigeons can cause are as follows:

  • Diseases: Like other pests, pigeons can carry harmful diseases like salmonella and plague. If they aren’t carriers of illness themselves, pigeons can be carriers of fleas, mites, ticks, and other pests that are harbingers of diseases in and of themselves.

  • Fast-acting feces: Pigeon excrement is some of the most corrosive and damaging that can be found in the animal kingdom. Pigeon waste can eat through wood, stone, and even steel, posing real problems for infrastructure and private property. These droppings can also pose a slipping hazard on walkways.

  • Disruptive nests: Pigeons like making their nests in areas that are inconvenient for human activity. They nest in or around electrical boxes, near piping, and around other systems we rely on for modern living. This can lead to damage, dysfunction, and, at the very least, annoyance.

Why A Do-It-Yourself Approach Is Really Tough

Now that you know the problems they can cause, you’re probably wondering what you can do to get rid of pigeons and keep them off your property. While there are things you can do, you should know that household (DIY) means often aren’t enough to scare pigeons off and make them stay gone. Pigeons are creatures of habit, once they find an area that provides ample access to food and shelter, they will keep coming back no matter how much you try to convince them otherwise. Household methods can also prove inhumane, leading to some unwanted attention from people who see pigeons as harmless community birds.

A few pigeon prevention methods:

  • Anti-roosting systems: This is a broad category that includes spikes, nets, and stripping that deter pigeons from landing on or nesting in certain areas. These systems are used on rooftops, window ledges, and other areas where pigeons like to land.

  • Sealed entries: Being flying animals, pigeons can easily make it in through windows, vents, and chimneys. Install grates, screens, and doors on these entrances to make sure pigeons can’t get inside.

  • No-feeding policy: Because people assume they are harmless, many don’t see the problem with feeding pigeons. This not only encourages these birds to keep coming back, but it helps to proliferate their numbers. Don’t feed them directly, and keep garbage bins secured so as not to allow them easy access to food waste.

Pigeon Control Is Our Line Of Work

Because DIY methods are no guarantee that pigeons will stay gone, homeowners and business owners face an uphill battle when it comes to pigeon prevention. But you’re not alone! Modern Pest Control is a local partner in private pest control, and we have experience with getting rid of pigeons humanely and effectively. Our free inspections will cover your whole home or business, evaluating areas where pigeons might be gathering or gaining access to the property. Our prevention and elimination methods are cost-effective and fast-acting.

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