What To Do About Wildlife Problems In The Woodlands


raccoons invading a home

It is no secret that wildlife can pose major problems when they invade our properties and sneak into our homes. It is also no secret that the closer you live to wooded areas, the more issues you can expect to have with wildlife. Such is the case here in The Woodlands. Go figure! Today we are exploring some of the ways wildlife can get into homes, ways homeowners can prevent them from doing so, and how the professionals at Modern Pest Control can help.

How Do Wild Animals Get Into Homes?

Properties that have a lot of clutter and overgrown areas, and both water and food sources, are likely to attract wildlife. Once animals have moved in close to homes, there are many ways they can find their way into attic spaces, wall voids, cellars, and other areas. If there are cracks in your foundation walls, mice and other small animals can squeeze through. If you have gaps around windows or doors, rats can continue to chew away at those weak areas until they are large enough to squeeze through. Holes in attic areas, around chimneys or through soffits, are other areas where animals such as squirrels or raccoons may get inside. Basically, if there is a hole in the outside of your home, animals can find a way to squeeze in. And if that hole isn't big enough, those same animals can chew that hole until it is.

Prevention Tips For Homes In Wooded Areas

  • Place all outdoor trash in containers with tight-fitting lids.

  • Remove food sources. Only leave pet food out at mealtimes. Move bird feeders away from your home. Clean up food after barbecues or picnics. And keep fruit tree and garden areas free from animal food sources as much as possible.

  • Put wire mesh in downspouts to prevent animals from climbing up and gaining access to your roof area.

  • Cut tree branches away from your walls and roof area.

  • Install chicken wire or other fencing material to keep animals from getting under deck and patio areas.

  • Keep windows locked to prevent raccoons from getting in.

  • Keep in mind that latticework and exterior pipes can give access to your roof areas.

  • Inspect the outside of your home, from top to bottom, and seal any entry points you find.

How Modern Can Help!

While it may be possible to keep wildlife out with the above tips, it can be much more difficult (and dangerous) to remove wildlife once it has established itself inside your home. The professionals at Modern Pest Control are trained to inspect properties, diagnose wildlife issues, and safely remove unwanted animals, using trapping devices and other strategies. Once all the offending animals have been removed, we will seal up any active entry points and work with you to further pest-proof your property.


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