When The Ants Go Marching Into Your Houston Home


a carpenter ant crawling in a garden

Many different kinds of Texas ants can make their way into your Houston home. Ants are different sizes and colors, and they can cause unique problems. Here are six common ants that you’ll find in and around houses in Houston.

Odorous Ants - The odorous ant is named for a foul smell it emits when crushed. Some say it smells like rotten coconut, and can linger in your home long after the ant is dead. Aside from the smell, you can identify these ants by their hairless bodies, which can range from brown to black. These ants don't bite or cause significant harm, but they are certainly a nuisance pest that you don't want in your home.

Fire Ants - You've probably heard of fire ants, and you may be familiar with their painful stings. Fire ants bite their victim in order to get enough of a grip to then sting. These ants are relatively aggressive and will sting many times. They are a reddish-brown color and often lighter in color than other ants.

Carpenter Ants - Carpenter ants earn their name from their destructive tendencies toward wood. They dig tunnels through the wooden structures of your home, causing significant property damage. They are usually larger than other ants and are a dark brown color.

Crazy Ants - This ant is sometimes called the Raspberry Ant. Sometimes they bite, and their bite can feel like a painful sting. These ants are dangerous because they are attracted to electrical equipment. When they find electronics, they get inside and chew wires. Not only does this damage the equipment, but it can cause electrical fires as well.

Rover Ants - Rover ants are incredibly small, and lighter than many other ants. They are a brownish, yellowish color. These ants are attracted to moisture. If you have rover ants in your home, you likely have a leak or other buildup of water.

Pharaoh Ants - Pharaoh ants, like odorous ants, secrete a terrible smell when crushed. The pharaoh ant is said to give off an odor similar to urine, making them an extreme nuisance pest. They're attracted primarily to sugar, and you will find them mainly in your kitchen or bathroom, where they can discover sugars in items such as toothpaste and mouth wash.

Ant Damage

As we’ve seen, each type of ant causes unique problems for your home and family. Ants are, primarily, a nuisance. They usually come into your house in large numbers and can contaminate food areas. They may bite or sting, and this always comes with the risk of allergic reactions. They can damage your home by destroying wooden structures, ruining electronic devices, and starting fires. Though they seem small, ants should never be ignored!

Avoiding Ants

To keep ants out of your home, you need to know what draws them in in the first place. Here are some common factors that attract ants and what you can do to prevent them.

  • Food - Ants come into homes in search of food. They may find it in crumbs in the kitchen or an open tube of toothpaste in the bathroom. To limit their food source, you should keep your home clean and never leave food sitting out. Keep in mind that even dog food can attract ants.

  • Moisture - Many ants love moisture, so minimizing the amount of humidity in your house will help deter them. You can also prevent an ant infestation by clearing your yard of debris and other hiding places.

  • Shelter - Ants may just be looking for a place to wait out the winter. When ants come to your house, the fastest way to eliminate them is by calling Modern Pest Control. Ants can be dangerous and they are certainly frustrating.

Luckily, Modern Pest Control knows how to get ants out of your house just as quickly as they came in.


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