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Five Simple Tricks To Keep Spring Pests Away From Your Katy Property

Whether it’s the warm weather or the motivation of a year that’s still young, springtime seems like the right time to get stuff done. However, if pest prevention isn't one of the activities on your spring to-do list, you might be fighting an uphill battle.  Without a harsh winter to slow pest reproduction, your springtime joy could quickly turn into a springtime nightmare....

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How Dangerous Is It To Have Fleas In My Katy Home?   

Fleas are biters that can spread diseases to humans and animals. The likelihood of transmission is high because the insects go from host to host, and withdraw blood. To make matters worse, they can multiply in volume in the blink of an eye. Learn about the risks with fleas, and what you can do to prevent them with Modern Pest Control. ...

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Katy's Complete Guide To Effective Roof Rat Control

You're startled out of a sleepy stupor by a dull scratching above your head, followed by the scurry of padded feet across the floor. If this sounds like something you have experienced, it is likely that you have a roof rat infestation in your Katy home.  The professionals at Modern Pest Control can help you eliminate roof rats from your residence. We are your source for in...

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