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The Key To Effective Spider Control For Houston Homes

We may not hate spiders like we do other pests, but these creepy crawlers still give us the willies! Do you know what it takes to defend your home against infestations during the active season? Learn all about it in Modern Pest Control’s latest spider prevention blog. ...

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Why Can't I Get These Mice Out Of My Spring Home?

How worried should you be about a potential house mouse infestation in the yard? If you live in or around the Spring area, you should have your guard up. Check out our recent article about preventing the spread of serious house mice infestations and what you can do to stay extra safe....

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How Common Are Silverfish In Spring, TX?

One of the most common occasional invaders includes the humble silverfish, a tiny insect that often winds up in basements, kitchens, and crawlspaces. Occasional invaders usually prefer to infest outdoor spaces, and rarely if ever, come inside. However, it is customary to start seeing more silverfish when summer fades, and fall weather begins....

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