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cockroach on a rock

How To Protect My Katy Home From German Cockroach Dangers

Are you familiar with the cockroach known as the German cockroach? This species of roach doesn't just live in Germany. It can be found in every country of the world and they thrive here in Katy, Texas. You might think that it is because of the high humidity and warm temperatures but it is actually because these cockroaches prefer to live in man-made structures. It is the urban landscape more than… Read More >

cockroach on texas home

How A Cockroach Treatment Can Keep You Protected For The Summer

Have you noticed that we have cockroaches in the Houston area? If you're currently dealing with a cockroach infestation, you may be nodding your head right now like, "Boy, do we have a lot of cockroaches in the Houston area!" When roaches invade a home, things can quickly get out of hand, and it doesn't take long for roaches to start ruining summer activities. While it might make for a memorable… Read More >

a read cockroach crawling alog the curved edge of a kitchen table on the hunt to more crumbs and scraps

Is Professional Treatment For Cockroaches In Houston Worth It?

If you live in Houston, you probably know that summer means cockroaches.  The colder months can give you a false sense of security, as cockroaches are less active. If you don’t see them, that means they don’t exist, right? Wrong. Cockroaches are most active at night when you aren’t looking for them. Read More >

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