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a pesty house fly feasting on a houston table buffet durring a late summer cookout

Are Flies In The Kitchen Dangerous To Houston Homeowners?

Flies in the kitchen, or any other part of the home, are annoying. It seems like they have target lock and will buzz past your ear, swiftly zipping by, making it hard to track their whereabouts until they land on something. Hopefully, not your food. But your food is one of the reasons they are coming inside this summer. They thrive in summer months and won’t disappear until the weather gets… Read More >

mosquito bite

Houston Pest Prevention Tips

People live in Houston for many reasons, but one reason that almost everybody has in common is the beautiful mild weather that is found in this area! The warm subtropical temperatures allow people to remain active and enjoy an outdoor lifestyle throughout the entire year. However, one negative that is associated with the beautiful warm weather, is that it also allows insects, rodents, and other… Read More >

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