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tick up close in skin

Do I Still Need to Be Worried About Ticks?

Concern is growing in regards to the threat ticks pose to people. This increase in concern has folks asking, "Do I still need to be worried about ticks?" While winter is not the time of year when ticks are most active, their connection to rodents could have them getting into your Texas home this winter. Read More >

rodent on sidewalk

Why Rodents Are Still Breaking Into Houston Homes in the Winter

After reading the title above, you may be thinking, “Didn’t I hear somewhere that rodents hibernate through the winter?” You probably did, and it is true that many rodents do hibernate through the freezing winter months. However, as we all know here in Houston, Texas, the weather hardly ever gets cold enough for animals to hibernate. Read More >

raccoon new sugar land

How They’re Getting into Your Yard and Home

When you live in Texas, you get used to seeing a variety of animals. Sugar Land is home to everything from spiders and ticks to bats and raccoons, and beyond. While it would be great if these animals stayed in their natural habitats, it doesn’t always work that way. Read More >

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