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Guide To Year-Round Termite Protection Around Houston

People live in the Greater Houston area for many reasons; the great people, awesome neighborhoods, thriving businesses, exceptional schools, family-friendly atmosphere, and of course the mild consistent climate that is found throughout the year. While the warm temperatures allow you and your family to be active year-round, which is great, they also allow insects, rodents, and other pests t...

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How To Spot Termite Damage Before It Becomes A Huge Problem

Termites are not referred to as the “silent invaders” for no particular reason. They are referred to as "silent invaders' because termites have the unique ability to enter  homes unnoticed and then feed on the structural wood found inside for weeks, months, or sometimes even years before their presence is discovered. Termites are not a pest that can be ignored or wished away, t...

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How Will Hurricane Harvey Affect Termite Populations In Katy, TX

Termites are horrendous wood damaging pests that can infest a building without anyone's knowledge. They eagerly eat the inside of wood products including personal items, furniture, walls, floors, ceilings, and structural beams. They cost homeowners all over the United States thousands of dollars in repairs each year. So how do termites deal with extreme environmental events? Undoubtedly storms ...

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How To Spot Termites

If you find pests spending time in and around the wooden products of your home, before you can begin a pest control process, you'll need to first determine if you have termites or ants. The two pests are often confused for each other because they look similar, but there are identifying characteristics that can help you determine if you're dealing with termites or ants. For example, termites hav...

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Termites Swarmers Invade Greater Houston Texas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for subterranean termites! This is the time of year when the reproductive members swarm from their colonies in order to create a new colony of their own! While termites may love this time of year, it is the time of year that the residents in Greater Houston and surrounding areas like Katy, Cypress, and Sugar Land dread! ...

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What Does Termite Damage Look Like?

Living in Texas means that you are probably very familiar with the pests that are commonly referred to as “silent destroyers”. These pests enter your home without your knowledge or invitation, take up residence in your home’s structural wood, and complete their own remodeling projects that end up costing you a lot of time, money, and stress to fix! Have you figured out the pes...

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