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Quality, Affordable Pest Control Solutions In Houston Heights, TX

As its name suggests, Houston Heights is a suburb of Houston. Houston Heights is known for its Victorian-style homes and vibrant cultural scene. But being surrounded by all this urban development has its downsides. Mostly, it’s because human activity attracts and feeds into pest populations. That’s why every local needs to know how to prevent and quickly eliminate pest problems, so they don’t lead to larger issues like property damage and health concerns. At Modern Pest Control, we’re here to help.

Residential Pest Control In Houston Heights, TX

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To combat the year-round threat of pests found in Houston Heights, the professionals at Modern Pest Control provide year-round pest protection through our residential pest control services.

Modern offers three different services to customers: Modern Plus Service, Signature Service, and our Signature Plus Service, this is our most comprehensive solution to pests.

The Signature Plus Service provides customers with quarterly pest control service visits; termite control; and in the yard control for fleas, fire ants, and spiders, helping you to maintain a pest-free home and property.

To learn more about the Signature Plus Service or our other two effective residential pest control services, give us a call and speak with our helpful professionals.

How To Prevent Rodents In Houston Heights, TX

To stop problems with rodents in your Houston Heights home, partner with Modern Pest Control. We are a local pest control company with decades of rodent control experience. We know the rodents that are common to our area and we know how to remove them and prevent their return.
To eliminate your home’s rodent infestation we provide the following services:

  • A thorough inspection to determine the species and possible points of entry.

  • The implementation of a plan to target rodents living inside your home.

  • Exclusion services to seal potential entry points and keep rodents from re-entering your home.

 In addition to our professional services, the following tips can help you to avoid problems with rodents:

  • Trim overgrown vegetation away from the outside of your home.

  • Remove any unnecessary piles of debris from your property.

  • Pick up fallen fruits and vegetables from garden areas.

  • Remove bird feeders from your property.

  • Make sure there is no food left outside around your home by regularly cleaning up outdoor eating areas.

To learn more about protecting your home from damaging and dangerous rodents with the help of our rodent control services, call Modern Pest Control.

Commercial Pest Control In Houston Heights, TX

Modern Pest Control protects Houston-area business from the threat of pests through our modern commercial pest control solutions. Modern offers tons of experience protecting a wide variety of businesses (restaurants, hotels, food processing facilities, healthcare facilities, schools, and supermarkets) from pests.
To stop pests from damaging your facility and equipment, scaring away customers and employees, and destroying your business’s reputation, our professionals do the following:

  • Perform inspections.

  • Provide treatment.

  • Make physical alterations, as needed. 

  • Put monitoring stations into place.  

Contact Modern Pest Control.  We will work together to develop a customized pest control solution for your business that takes into account industry regulations, corporate policies, and specifics about your facility.

Guide To Protecting Houston Heights, TX Properties From Termites

The most effective way to protect your home from invasions and damage by wood-eating termites is to partner with a professional. Modern Pest Control provides the comprehensive services needed to eliminate termites and prevent their return.
Our termite control services include:

  • A professional inspection.

  • The installation of the Sentricon® System with Always Active™. 

  • Ongoing termite protection. 

Sentricon® with Always Active™ quickly and completely eliminates termites. It then remains in place on your property to prevent future termite infestations. Installing  Sentricon® with Always Active™  is beneficial because it offers complete termite protection and is non-invasive and eco-friendly - no chemicals are injected into the soil around your home. To learn more about our termite control services, or to schedule a termite inspection for your Houston Heights property, reach out to Modern Pest Control.

All You Need To Know About Dangerous Ants Around Houston Heights

People tend to think of ants as harmless invaders, but some species can be a lot more dangerous. All ants can contaminate food sources and attract other pests to your property. But the following varieties tend to be even more problematic for a number of reasons:

  • Carpenter Ants: These guys get their name from their habit of boring into wood in order to form incubation tunnels for their eggs. They look a lot like regular black ants, causing many homeowners to disregard them until the damage they’ve caused is obvious.

  • Fire Ants: You’ve probably seen these flame-red ants depicted in the movies before, and they’re shown as horrific for good reason. These tiny little bugs have vicious stingers that contain a burning chemical that causes extreme pain.

  • Pharaoh Ants: They have a distinctly golden appearance, though they actually get their name because they spread diseases, much like the plagues brought down on ancient Egypt thousands of years ago.

Protect your Houston Heights property from these dangerous ants with comprehensive pest treatments from Modern Pest Control.

How To Spot A Cockroach In Your Houston Heights Home And What To Do About It

People often assume that a pest problem must be obvious and immediately recognizable. But the reason pests are such common problems is that they are good at hiding and the signs of their activity are often subtle. With cockroaches, an infestation can form and grow for weeks without you even realizing it. That’s why you need to be on the lookout for these signs of roach activity:

  • Stains: Cockroaches have oily bodies that leave reddish-brown streaks on surfaces they crawl around. They also leave their urine and feces around.

  • Odors: One of the first signs people get that cockroaches are there is often the musty odor they contribute to throughout a structure.

  • Shed Skins: As cockroaches grow, they shed their exoskeletons and leave their discarded skin sheds around. Spotting these transparent, flakey skins around is another clear sign of cockroaches.

If you notice any of these signs, you need to act quickly and call professionals right away. Contact Modern Pest Control for more information about our cockroach control options.

Why Can’t I Get Rid Of Silverfish In My Houston Heights Home?

Silverfish are one of those pests people don’t tend to think of until they are already present in a home. While they may be less dangerous than other pests, silverfish are quite capable of causing larger problems. They chew on household items, leave their droppings everywhere, and quickly grow their populations to exacerbate these problems. To make matters worse, they are difficult to get rid of, especially because they tend to start outdoors and work their way in. So, unless you know how to address the entire population, a silverfish problem can be a continuous one. That’s why you need to turn directly to the experts, who can quickly eliminate pest problems and help you avoid them in the first place. At Modern Pest Control, we’ve helped many Texas homeowners deal with silverfish, at affordable prices and with quality customer service. That’s why you should contact us today if you do notice a silverfish problem, or even if you just want a thorough inspection of your home.

Six Easy Tricks To Keep Spiders Out Of Your Houston Heights Home

Spiders are a type of pest that can seem unavoidable. Even clean homes can wind up with them, and that’s because there are a lot of factors that draw spiders to invade. Proper spider control takes all these steps:

  1. Landscaping: Spiders are drawn to yards that are overgrown because overgrown yards are more attractive to the pests that spiders eat. Keeping your grass trimmed low and your bushes trimmed away from your home’s exterior are both important.
  2. Wood Storage: Smart storage of firewood and other plant debris is another important yard care step. Spiders like to nest in woody areas, so having these close to your home draws them near.
  3. Web Sweeping: If you notice spider webs high up on the awnings of your home, or around your porch, you should sweep them away promptly. This will discourage spiders from encroaching again.
  4. Access Points: Spiders tend to be pretty small pests, meaning they can fit through access points all around a home. From torn window screens to small cracks in your walls, spiders can find ways inside.
  5. Other Pests: Because spiders hunt other pests, they are drawn to properties with existing pest populations. In fact, this is why you should see spiders as a sign of existing pest problems.
  6. Treatments: The best way to keep spiders and the bugs they feed on out of your home is with comprehensive treatments from professionals.

Contact Modern Pest Control today to get assistance with all these steps.

Houston Heights Property Owners' Guide To Effective Wildlife Control

Wildlife can pose a number of issues for Houston Heights property owners that range anywhere from property damage to the spread of illnesses. With a few helpful tips, these unwieldy pests can be effectively deterred:

  • Set up mylar balloons, garden spinners, or other moving decorations. 

  • Store outdoor trash in a secure bin with a lid. 

  • Take down bird feeders. 

  • Turn on porch lights at night. 

  • Use motion sensor sprinklers.

  • Install wind chimes and other noisemakers. 

  • Put out decoy animals like owls, deers, and dogs.

  • The most effective and safest way to avoid a wildlife problem is with professional help, contact a pest control expert for sustainable solutions. 

At Modern Pest Control, we provide property owners with long-term answers to troubling wildlife. We begin our service with a detailed inspection in order to determine what’s luring these pests and where they’re nesting. From there, we’ll implement a system of humane traps and install exclusion that both draws out pests and keeps them out in the future. We’ll then check on these stations routinely to achieve a wildlife-free property from season to season. For more information on wildlife control in Houston Heights, contact us today.

What To Do If Bitten By A Tick In Houston Heights

When the temperatures begin to rise, ticks in Houston Heights become more prevalent. They travel around by way of rodents, other pest animals, and pets, but it’s very easy for residents to encounter ticks on their own, whether that’s after a trip to the park or in their own backyard. Ticks are an often-feared pest because of the health risks that they’re associated with, but it’s important to note that not all ticks are capable of passing along harmful pathogens, just the ones that are infected themselves. But because of this fact, all tick bites must be taken seriously.

Some of the illnesses that ticks are associated with include babesiosis, anaplasmosis, tularemia, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Lyme disease, and more. If a tick bite does occur, it should be removed in its entirety with tweezers and disposed of down the toilet. The bite site should be thoroughly cleaned out with soap and water, and hydrocortisone cream will help with itching and potential swelling. Anyone who is bitten will also want to monitor themselves for the following side effects for 30 days: nausea, fever, joint swelling, muscle pain, headaches, and rashes. If any of these symptoms appear, seek professional medical advice.

For more information on seasonal tick control, contact Modern Pest Control today.

What Is Causing All These Mosquitoes In Houston Heights?

Mosquitoes are primarily active in the Houston Heights area during the summer months when rainfall, temperature, and overall humidity levels are at their peak. These conditions draw mosquitoes out and there are certain factors that increase their presence. Mosquitoes require human blood in order to reproduce, so they will naturally flock to any location that has an abundance of people, whether at an outdoor gathering at home or out in a park. In addition to this access, mosquitoes also appear in greater numbers at certain times of the day and can be lured to a yard that has their ideal conditions. Things like shade, harborage areas, piles of leaves, standing water, and stagnant puddles are all responsible for attracting mosquitoes to a property.

For these reasons, preventing mosquito populations can be tricky. At Modern Pest Control, we provide seasonal mosquito control in Houston Heights that homeowners can trust. We apply monthly treatments between the months of April and October using our backpack foggers. By using the latest technology, we can address both adults and larvae with these products. For the property owner who’s looking for extra coverage, we can also install a misting system for year-round coverage. For more information on these services, contact us today.

Why It Is So Important To Keep Flies Out Of Your Houston Heights Home

House flies may seem like a simple nuisance when they zip around your Houston Heights home; however, having these pests present can create bigger issues for you. One of the most significant problems that comes with flies is the presence of the venomous spiders that eat them, like brown recluses and black widows. Flies are also a problem because they are known to pick up bacteria and spread it to your food, which can cause dysentery, food poisoning, and other health issues. These pests are also a potential risk for your pets because they can spread various diseases to them as well. It's also important to keep flies out of your home because of the rate at which they reproduce, which can include anywhere between 75 and 150 eggs at a time.

At Modern Pest Control, we are the team to call whether house flies are an issue or you’re looking to prevent them. Our residential pest control programs all include fly control services because we understand how easily these types of issues can arise. We provide quarterly maintenance, interior and exterior product applications, education for homeowners, and a service guarantee on everything that we do. For more information on these services and how they can benefit your home, contact us today.


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