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Advanced Pest Control Solutions In Kingwood, TX

A master-planned community in the northern suburbs of Houston, Kingwood rests right along the wetlands created by Lake Houston. That means our properties are at even greater risk of pest infestation than the average homeowner. Not only is there a lot of human activity around to create attractants, but areas that are geographically close to water are also naturally more abundant in pest populations. Local residents need to be vigilant when it comes to pest control and prevention.

Residential Pest Control In Kingwood, TX

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The warm year-round weather in Kingwood allows insects and rodents to remain active throughout the entire year; this means that putting into place year-round pest control service is a must for any Kingwood homeowner.

The professionals at Modern Pest Control offer the continuous services needed to keep pests out of your home and away from your family. Our three residential pest control programs include:

  • Modern Plus Service - offers effective pest control services through quarterly pest visits.

  • Signature Service - offers effective pest control services through quarterly pest visits in addition to effective termite control.

  • Signature Plus Service - offers effective pest control services through quarterly visits, termite control, and the control of fleas, fire ants, and spiders in the yard.

To learn more about any of our year-round residential pest control services for your Kingwood home, call us today!

Commercial Pest Control In Kingwood, TX

Modern Pest Control is dedicated to providing the tools and services needed to protect Texas businesses from pests. Through inspections, modern treatment, physical alterations, monitoring stations, and more, our professionals will work with you to ensure that your business becomes and remains free of pests. After we complete a thorough inspection we may recommend the following things to help prevent future problems with pests living inside of your Kingwood commercial facility:

  • Increasing sanitation practices around your facility.

  • Making physical changes to your facility to keep pests from being able to gain access.

  • Installing pest monitoring devices.  

  • The careful development of a long-term treatment strategy.

  • To learn more about our commercial pest control services, give us a call today!

Tips To Avoid Ticks In Kingwood, TX

Ticks are parasitic pests that are found living throughout Texas, they feed on a variety of hosts and therefore have the potential to spread a wide variety of diseases, including the very serious Lyme disease, to people and pets. To help protect you from the diseases that ticks spread, Modern Pest Control offers effective tick treatment and control solutions. To begin reducing tick numbers on your Kingwood property, our professionals will start with a thorough inspection of your property to determine where exactly the ticks are breeding, living, and resting. Depending on these results, our professionals then design a custom plan to control tick populations found living in your home. Call us today to learn more about implementing our tick solutions on your Kingwood property!

Protect Your Kingwood, TX Property From Termites

Protect your Kingwood property from wood-eating, property damaging termites with the help of the termite professionals at Modern Pest Control. Our professionals will perform a thorough inspection and then install the environmentally friendly, award-winning Sentricon® System with Always Active™. Sentricon® with Always Active™ works to quickly eliminate an active termite colony; it then remains in place to keep future termites from being able to invade your home or business. Bait stations are placed discreetly around your property and are filled with Recruit HD bait which is highly attractive to termites. The termites immediately begin feeding on the bait and introduce it back to their colony, eliminating the colony in its entirety. Give us a call today at Modern Pest Control to schedule a termite inspection for your Kingwood property!

Where Did All These Ants In My Kingwood Kitchen Come From?

Ants are one of the ultimate pests that seem impossible to keep out. They are tiny, so they can sneak in through practically any access points around a property. Plus, their populations are typically large and hidden underground. Methods that may kill some initial ants will likely do nothing to address the larger issue. This is why it’s so important for you to address the factors that attract ants to your home in the first place. Here are the biggest ones:

  • Food: Ants can find food sources anywhere, from tiny traces to packaged goods in your pantry. It’s important to store food in sturdy, inaccessible containers and thoroughly clean up between meals.

  • Moisture: Ants are also attracted to moisture, so addressing leaks or ventilation concerns quickly is another crucial pest control step.

  • Access Points: Ants can get in through torn window screens, gaps around your doorways, or cracks and holes in your exterior walls. That’s why it’s so important to have a professional inspect your home because we know what to look for and can give you guidance on how to address these concerns.

For assistance dealing with ants in your Kingwood home, contact Modern Pest Control today.

How Cockroaches In Kingwood Can Be A Danger To Your Health

Nobody wants cockroaches in their home, but few people realize just how common an infestation is and just how dangerous it can be to your health. Aside from being unsightly, cockroaches are actually considered health hazards, which is why there are health regulations about keeping them out of businesses and public spaces. These are some of the reasons why cockroaches are important to keep out of your Kingwood property:

  • Disease: Cockroaches can carry diseases like salmonella and plague, which, while treatable, can be quite serious.

  • Allergies: The dust and dander that a cockroach infestation leads to can make allergies worse, especially if they get inside the walls or vents of your home.

  • Other Pests: As one pest population grows, another comes in to compete or feed off that existing infestation. Cockroaches can attract spiders and other pests that pose their own health risks.

To keep cockroaches and other dangerous pests out, contact Modern Pest Control today.

Four Ways To Minimize Mosquitoes Around Your Home In Kingwood

Mosquitoes are active year-round in Texas, thanks to our warm climate. That’s why local homeowners have to learn ways to reduce their exposure and level of risk for populations in and around homes. Modern Pest Control is here to help, with direct assistance and tips for how you can manage your own property to minimize the likelihood of mosquitoes:

  1. Landscaping: Mosquitoes like to land on vegetation like grasses and shrubs in order to rest. That means overgrown lawns and non-trimmed plants make your yard more attractive to them.
  2. Moisture Control: Mosquitoes are also drawn to places with moisture in the air and standing water on the ground. Proper lawn drainage and a lack of water features like bird baths will also reduce mosquito activity.
  3. Repellants: No, we don’t mean chemical sprays that can be costly and sometimes dangerous. Instead, we’re referring to things like citronella candles and organic sprays that you can treat yourself with or put around your yard to provide some temporary warding off of mosquitoes.
  4. Treatments: However, it should be noted that all of the above measures are really just temporary solutions. For long-lasting and effective mosquito prevention, you need professional yard treatments that are guaranteed to ward them off.
Contact Modern Pest Control today to get started on overall mosquito protection in Kingwood.

How To Keep Spiders Out Of Your Kingwood Business

The thing people don’t often think about when it comes to spiders is that they are only on your property because there are other pests around for them to hunt. Unlike ants and cockroaches, spiders don’t eat the food that’s stored in your cupboards or the crumbs that may get left behind after meals. Instead, they are drawn in by the pests that are attracted by those other factors. This is why proper spider control is really about overall pest control. In order to keep spiders out of your Kingwood business, you need to get comprehensive pest treatments, like those offered at Modern Pest Control. We can help you address the factors that lead to pest infestations in the first place, not to mention provide direct services that drive out existing populations and prevent future ones from forming. Don’t wait for spiders to already be a problem before you start to take pest control seriously. Contact Modern Pest Control today.

Why You Should Call The Pros About Rodents On Your Kingwood Property

Calling the professionals about the rodents on your Kingwood property is an absolute necessity for several reasons. To start, these pests pose a threat to your health. They leave behind tiny piles of droppings and urine that can lead to tularemia, hantavirus, leptospirosis, and salmonellosis. Working with a professional can keep you protected from health risks like these. This type of help will also put a swift end to the property damage that rodents are known to cause. They have an innate need to gnaw and chew on a regular basis, which they do in order to keep their front teeth from overgrowing. This can lead to nibbled walls, personal items, and electrical wiring.

Working with a professional also means getting to the root cause of your rodent problems and effectively keeping them out of your property. While mice can slip through dime-sized openings, rats can use the sewer system, which makes them difficult to keep out. A professional can identify entry points and install exclusion in an effective way. This type of work is also far more effective than setting individual traps because DIY methods rarely use the right bait and fail to address the extent of your infestation, which can contain dozens of rodents.

For more information on rodent control in Kingwood, contact Modern Pest Control today.

What You Need To Know For Effective Flea Control In Kingwood 

When flea problems develop on your Kingwood property, they can be harmful to both people and pets. Excessive flea bites can lead to anemia, typhus, heartworm, and tularemia, which is why they need to be avoided at all costs. Additionally, getting rid of a flea outbreak can be very complicated, which is why they’re important to prevent from the start. Try these tips to keep fleas away from your home:

  • If you have pets, consider speaking with a vet about year-round flea control. It’s also important to limit their contact with unknown animals and always perform inspections after they’ve been outside. 

  • Avoid overwatering your lawn and garden. 

  • Keep all grass mowed frequently and kept to a short height. 

  • Clean pet bedding on a regular basis. 

  • Rake your yard and clean up any hedge trimmings and other debris.

  • Deter rodents and other wildlife pests from your property with decoys, motion sensor items like lights and sprinklers, and keep trash in sealed containers. 

  • Seek the help of a pest control professional to help prevent and eliminate fleas both inside and outside of your home. 

To keep your home safe with flea control, contact Modern Pest Control today.

Five Common Wildlife Problems For Kingwood Residents

Kingwood residents can experience a host of wildlife issues throughout the year simply because of the traits that local properties possess. There are, however, five common issues that wildlife can be responsible for. Those include:

  1. Other pests: Pests like rodents and raccoons are often linked with the spread of mites, ticks, and fleas. These outbreaks can all be harmful to the health of residents and their pets. 

  2. Structural damage: Birds, rodents, bats, and other wildlife pests nest inside of walls and attics and other hidden places. These scenarios can lead to ruined insulation, rising energy costs, and even house fires. In the case of termites, they can slowly eat away at walls and the foundation. 

  3. Landscaping damage: Pests like chipmunks, raccoons, and rabbits eat away at plants and gardens. 

  4. Health risks: Bats can spread fungi through their feces, birds can transmit salmonellosis, and when raccoons are infected, they can pass along rabies.

  5. General discomfort: Pests like birds are often the source of discomfort because of their accumulating presence, abundant droppings, loud chirping, and swooping.

At Modern Pest Control, we provide humane wildlife control services in Kingwood that are designed to eliminate active wildlife problems and prevent new ones. For more information on these services, please contact us today.

Three Handy Earwig Prevention Tips For Kingwood Property Owners

Earwigs have a false reputation for crawling inside of people’s ears at night, which they do not do. They are, however, a significant nuisance pest for Kingwood property owners for much of the year. Here are three simple yet handy tips to prevent an earwig infestation in Kingwood:

  1. Create a tidy yard. One of the things that earwigs are most attracted to is shady areas, which is why trimming back hedges and trees is so important. But it’s also crucial to eliminate yard debris and other enticing factors. 

  2. Eliminate moisture issues. Earwigs also need moisture, which they will seek both outside and inside of properties. It’s important to check for leaks regularly and rectify any moisture issues that appear around spigots, faucets, and more. 

  3. Seek professional help. Because earwigs are so easily attracted to properties, the best way to keep them away is with help from a local pest control expert.

At Modern Pest Control, we understand just how difficult preventing earwigs can be, which is why we include their coverage in all of our residential pest control programs. We provide quarterly interior and exterior services that come with a guarantee every step of the way. For more information on our earwig control offerings, contact us today.


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