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Reliable Pest Control Services For Pearland, TX Home & Business Owners

When critters get into your Pearland home or business, they can be a threat to your health, your belongings, and your equity. We can help you manage those threats by providing ongoing inspections, treatments, and data collection. In every season, your Modern pest professional will make sure your perimeter, landscaping, and yard are protected from Pearland pests. Learn about the plans we offer by taking a look at our residential and commercial pest control pages or contact us today to speak with one of our friendly pest professionals. We'd love to hear from you.

Residential Pest Control in Pearland, TX

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Pests are a year-round problem in Texas. Insects, rodents, and other unwanted creatures can infest your property at any time of year. The best way to keep them out is with year-round residential pest control provided by our professional Pearland exterminators from Modern Pest Control. We offer three effective and affordable home pest control services to help you easily get started. They are Modern Plus, Signature, and Signature Plus.

These services all include:

  • Quarterly service visits and year-round protection for a wide range of common household pests such as ants, cockroaches, silverfish, crickets, pill bugs, millipedes, earwigs, rodents, and more.

  • Cobweb removal around your home to prevent spider activity and accidental entry.

  • An attic inspection to detect rodent activity.

  • Yard treatments that work to reduce important yard pests like fire ants and fleas.

  • Our service guarantee. If a pest that is covered by your pest control service pops up in-between visits, we will return to solve the problem at no additional charge to you.

We also offer stand-alone service for specific pests, such as:

  • Ant Control

  • Bee Control

  • Mosquito Control

  • Rodent and Wildlife Control

  • Lawn Pest Control

Contact us today to speak with one of our licensed and professional exterminators to set up a residential pest control service for your Pearland, TX home.

Commercial Pest Control Services In Pearland, TX

Modern businesses need modern pest control. We are a local business who pride ourselves in helping other businesses in Pearland, TX thrive. Your choice of Modern Pest as your pest control experts guarantees that:  

  • You'll always have an experienced and highly-trained professional conducting your pest control service.

  • You'll have fast access to digital pest control data stored online.

  • You can count on your pest control meeting all regulatory standards for your industry.

  • We have extensive experience with commercial pest control in Pearland and the greater Houston metropolitan area.

  • We've been protecting homes, businesses, and properties since 1952.

  • We customize your commercial pest control service to fit your specific needs. 

Don't let Texas pests threaten your Pearland business. We can help you safeguard your reputation, your property, and your health. Reach out to us to schedule a consultation or an onsite inspection.

Flea Prevention Tips For Pearland, TX Residents

When a flea infestation takes root, it can be a nightmare. Fleas will make you repeatedly bathe your pets, wash your bedding, vacuum your floors, and waste money on flea-control products for your pets and your home that just don’t seem to work. It is best to avoid a flea infestation in the first place—if you can help it.

These easy to implement tips will help keep fleas out of your home:

  • Fleas often come in on your pets and your pets are an important host for fleas inside your home. Make sure your dogs and cats have flea collars. While flea collars don't provide complete protection, they're a great place to start.

  • If you have a dog, and you have not yet constructed a fenced-in play area, we strongly recommend it.  Fences reduce wildlife traffic and prevent animals from dropping fleas where your dog plays outside. They also prevent your dog from exploring moist, shaded locations around your home where fleas may be waiting for a host.

  • Since wildlife and, in particular, rodents, bring fleas into your yard, everything you do to keep wildlife away will help reduce the flea population. Make sure your exterior trash is in sealed receptacles. Keep bird feeders away from your exterior walls to reduce mice that eat the seed on the ground. Reduce lawn clutter to reduce rodent hiding places. 

For the best protection possible, let the wildlife and pest control experts here at Modern Pest Control help. We offer services for the control of wildlife and the reduction of fleas. Contact us today; We are here to help.

How to Protect Your Pearland, TX Property From Termites

At Modern Pest Control, we believe the best and most effective way to protect Pearland properties from termites is to install the Sentricon® System with Always Active™. To begin the process, one of our highly-trained experts performs a thorough inspection, looking for signs of termite activity and damage. They then place Sentricon® stations strategically and non-invasively (there is no digging or trenching required) around your property. As soon as the stations are installed, they begin working to quickly and completely eliminate termite colonies. Once the infestation is eliminated, the Sentricon® System with Always Active™ remains in place on your property to monitor for termite activity and prevent future termite problems. Protecting your Pearland property from termites is as easy as picking up the phone and partnering with Modern Pest Control! Reach out to us today.


How Silverfish Get Into Pearland Homes

Silverfish are not to be confused with actual fish, but they get their name from their silvery coloring and slithering fish-like movements. These pests enter Pearland homes primarily because of moisture issues, as they require water in order to survive. If a home is suffering from leaks, humidity imbalances, or water damage, then silverfish are going to do everything they must in order to access it. In their quest for sustenance, silverfish will utilize cracks in a foundation, gaps around doors, openings in bulkheads, and crevices around outdoor electrical sockets, gutters, and other fixtures like hose attachments. While silverfish do not pose an imminent threat to anyone’s health, they can eat away at fabrics, furniture, and personal items, while also being unsightly and unwanted visitors.

For the most reliable silverfish control, enlist the help of Modern Pest Control. We work throughout the year to ensure that Pearland homes are kept free of silverfish, particularly because we know how tricky preventing them can be. For more information on the services that we provide, contact us today.


Pearland's Guide To Eliminating Pesky House Flies

Flies are one of those pesky pests that develop in Pearland homes very easily. In order to eliminate and prevent future issues with them, try the following tips:

  • Take out the trash frequently and always make sure that it’s stored in a bin with a tight-fitting lid. 

  • Disinfect counters and floors on a regular basis, paying special attention to food residue. 

  • Clean up after pet accidents, removing any feces completely. 

  • Dispose of any dead flies, as these may attract other flies. 

  • Repair worn window screens and avoid leaving windows without screens open for extended periods of time. 

  • Leave doors open judiciously. 

  • Keep all leftovers covered properly and get rid of any food or fruits that may have gone bad. 

Flies don’t have to be a part of daily life. At Modern Pest Control, we work to protect Pearland households from flies and their unwanted side effects. Fly control is included in all of the residential programs that we provide and we’ll even guarantee the results. With quarterly fly control, they never have to be a problem in your home again. To learn more about these services, contact us today.


Cockroach Control Tips For Pearland Homeowners

Cockroach infestations are worth preventing at all costs. For Pearland homeowners who wish to avoid these issues, try the following tips:

  • Secure openings. Cockroaches can easily fit through most openings that they find, so apply weather stripping to the gaps around doors, insert door sweeps, replace torn window screens, and fill cracks in the foundation with caulk. 

  • Tend to moisture issues. If a cockroach doesn’t have access to water within a week, its fate doesn’t look good. Check for water problems regularly and rectify any issues with faucets, pipes, gutters, and other fixtures that might appear. 

  • Be mindful about food. Cockroaches will eat anything, so limit the number of places where food is consumed to limit crumbs, clean up when spills happen, keep food stored in airtight containers, and do the dishes frequently. 

  • Aim for cleanliness. These pests thrive in cluttered environments, so remove old newspapers, take out the trash, and vacuum regularly. 

  • Contact the pros. Cockroaches pose a potential health risk and their infestations are usually much larger than they appear, which is why the best thing homeowners can do is contact their local pest expert. 

At Modern Pest Control, we provide cockroach control for every household that needs it. Our methods are applied by QualityPro certified technicians that uphold the highest standard of work and use safe and proven products. To learn more about the benefits of cockroach control, contact us today.


Why Ants Are Hard To Get Rid Of In Pearland

As one of Pearland’s most persistent pests, at times, it can feel like ants are everywhere. Once they’ve entered a home, they can be just as difficult to get rid of. To start, ants are capable of squeezing through very small openings, many of which aren’t even visible to the naked eye. This fact makes creating problems very easy but is also a factor in why ants are so tricky to get rid of; if they have no clear way to escape, then they won’t. Perhaps more significantly, ants are attracted to sweet and sugary substances, so if they detect anything in a property, then they will invade gladly. Things like piled-up trash, jars that haven’t been rinsed, dirty dishes, crumbs, spills, and any other food residue is enough to lure ants. Because ants aren’t picky, they will make food out of anything, while also confusing soap and shampoo for food. If a property has leaky pipes, downspouts, gutters, and faucets, ants may also be attracted while having no incentive to leave.

At Modern Pest Control, we include ant control in all of our pest control programs because we appreciate how difficult dealing with ants can be. Our QualityPro certified technicians utilize the highest quality products in order to create ant-free properties. To learn more about ant control, contact us today.


Five Simple Tricks To Keep Centipedes Out Of Your Pearland Home 

Centipedes enter Pearland homes like yours because they are searching for damp conditions, which they can find more readily than you might think. In order to keep them away, try these five simple tricks:

  1. Seal up openings. The best first way to keep centipedes out of your home is by filling in all of the crevices and openings that you find around your foundation. Use materials like expanding foam and silicone-based caulk for these cracks and pay extra attention to the area where your home meets the ground. It might also help to apply weatherstripping to doors that are loose. 

  2. Tidy up your yard. If you aim to keep centipedes out of your home and off of your property, you should also inspect your backyard and get rid of any natural clutter that you find. Centipedes are attracted to dampness, and piles of hedge trimmings, leaves, and branches provide this, so eliminate them. 

  3. Be cognizant of moisture. Water in its many forms is a key determinant of whether or not you’ll end up with centipedes, so be sure to use dehumidifiers around your home in damp areas, turn off faucets completely after using them, and tidy up showers and sinks regularly. 

  4. Keep things clean. To further eliminate centipede attraction, try to get rid of as much clutter around the home and in your attic as possible. 

  5. Ask for help. Centipedes are a tricky pest to prevent for several reasons, so enlisting the help of a pest control specialist is an ideal way to keep them away. 

For more information on centipede control, call Modern Pest Control today. 


How Much Do You Really Know About Earwigs Around Pearland?

Earwigs might be an inspiration for scary bedtime stories, but the ones that invade your Pearland home are far less dangerous than they’ve been made out to seem. They are usually a shade of brown and have large front antennae and a set of prominent pincers in the rear. Earwigs are attracted to damp, cool spaces around properties, and, contrary to urban legends, they do not crawl into your ears while you’re asleep.

Because earwigs in Pearland feed off of other pests, it’s important to note that seeing them around your home may indicate another infestation. Because earwig populations can easily appear both inside and outside of the home, the best way to deal with them is with professional help. For more information on earwig control, call Modern Pest Control today.


Pearland Property Owners' Guide To Effective Armyworms Control

Armyworms are squiggly little green and yellow worms that appear in curly shapes around Pearland’s properties, and while they can be an important part of the agricultural system, they are a nuisance to be avoided.

Try these tips to keep Pearland armyworms away:

  • Avoid over-watering the lawn and be sure to mow frequently, opting for a short length of grass. 

  • Limit the use of mulch around flower beds and throughout the yard. 

  • Remove all weeds from the yard, especially tall, grassy ones. 

  • Turn off bright porch lights at night or use yellow-colored lights instead of white ones.

  • Get rid of trimmings after tidying up shrubs and gardens.

For more information on armyworm control, call Modern Pest Control today.


Why You Should Call The Professionals About Rodent Problems In Your Pearland Home

Rodents look to Pearland homes like yours as an ideal place to take up shelter while also having access to the food and water that they need to survive. But you shouldn’t try to handle these pests on your own; rather, bringing in professional help is the best solution. To start, rodents are very easy to attract to your home whether you know it or not. They come in search of food, water, and shelter, and you likely provide these things readily. Something as simple as having outdoor garbage or a sewer system can put you in direct contact with a rodent problem. Bringing in professional help will work to seal up the sneaky entry points that rodents use while also making your property unappealing to them in the first place.

Another reason why professional services are so important is that they are reliable and the swiftest way to get rid of an existing rodent problem. Rats can produce six litters of pups a year while mice can have eight, so it’s very easy to be left with a sizable rodent infestation that the types of traps that you might find in the store are not equipped to deal with. For more information on reliable rodent control in Pearland, call Modern Pest Control today. 


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