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Reliable Pest Control Services For Sienna Plantation, TX Home & Business Owners

Sienna Plantation, a planned community in Missouri City, Texas offers beautiful homes, plentiful amenities, great schools, and a welcoming, friendly community that allows families to thrive. To protect your Sienna Plantation home from the many pests that live throughout Missouri City, the pest control experts at Modern Pest Control offer advanced pest control methods that solve even the toughest of pest problems.

Our professionals have an excellent understanding of the pests that live in Texas and we eliminate them using the latest technology. Protect your Sienna Plantation property from pests by giving Modern Pest Control a call today to learn more about our Fort Bend County pest control.

Residential Pest Control In Sienna Plantation, TX

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To prevent pests and the difficulties they bring with them from affecting you and your family, put into place a residential pest control service from the Texas pest experts.

Our affordable year-round options keep pests like ants, fleas, and spiders out of your house through guaranteed quarterly visits.

  • Modern Plus Service: pest control

  • Signature Service: pest control and termite control

  • Signature Plus Service: pest and termite control, plus seasonal mosquito control

Let Modern Pest Control protect your family and home from pests with the help of our comprehensive year-round residential pest control services.

Contact us today to request a free inspection. 

Commercial Pest Control In Sienna Plantation, TX

Protect your Missouri City area business from being invaded and damaged by pests with the help of the experts at Modern Pest Control. By completing careful inspections, implementing effective treatments, making physical alterations, and installing monitoring stations, our professionals successfully protect Texas businesses from pests.

In addition to pest control services, we offer commercial customers the peace of mind of having access to their company’s online pest control logs and records 24/7, ensuring you are always in the loop of what is happening inside your facility. Contact us today to learn more about protecting your business from pests with the help of Modern Pest Control’s tailored commercial pest control services.

Common Rodent Problems In Sienna Plantation, TX

Rodents love to live near people because we provide them with everything they need to survive. Our homes provide them shelter, our trashcans, kitchens, and pantries provide food, and our leaky fixtures provide water. However, as much as they love us, we don’t love them because of the many problems rodents create.

  • They introduce diseases that make people ill: Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome, lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LCM), salmonella, rat-bite fever, tularemia, leptospirosis, and more.

  • Their urine, feces, and fur can trigger allergies and asthma attacks.

  • They contaminate food sources.

  • They cause structural damage, potentially chewing through wires, pipes, insulation, flooring, and structural beams.

  • They damage personal property such as clothing, books, and pictures.

  • They introduce parasites such as mites, fleas, and ticks into homes.

To rid your property of rodents common to our area (mice, roof rats, Norway rats) Modern Pest Control has developed a 3- step rodent exclusion service. This comprehensive service offers a targeted inspection, trapping services, and exclusion services to completely eliminate rodents and keep them from returning. To learn more about keeping rodents out of your Sienna Plantation home, call Modern Pest Control today.

Guide To Preventing Termite Damage In Sienna Plantation, TX

To help stop wood-eating termites from gaining access to your Sienna Plantation home, the termite control experts at Modern Pest Control have put together a list of helpful prevention tips:

  • Reduce moisture levels inside and outside of your home by repairing leaky pipes and fixtures, maintaining gutters, placing weather stripping around all windows and doors, and using a dehumidifier in the basement.

  • Remove water-damaged wood from your home.

  • Seal cracks in the foundation.

  • Limit wood-to-soil contact around your home or on your property. 

  • Create an 18-inch gap between your home’s foundation and any soil or mulch.

  • Remove fallen trees, tree stumps, and other organic debris from your property.

To protect homes from termites, Modern Pest Control uses and highly recommends, the Presidential Green Chemistry Award-winning Sentricon® System with Always Active™. This eco-friendly system eliminates any size termite infestation and prevents their future return. Reach out to Modern Pest Control today to speak with one of our professionals and learn more about our termite elimination process.

Are Centipedes In Sienna Plantation Dangerous?

If you're new to the area, you may not know about the Texas red-headed centipede, but long-time residents are all too familiar with this scary critter. A Texas red-headed centipede can grow as long as 9 inches. It is horrifying to find one of these in your home! Fortunately, it is not generally as dangerous as it looks.

A bite from a Texas red-headed centipede is likely to only lead to intense pain and swelling in the area of the bite wound, both of which dissipates over the course of a few hours. The greater concern is that the "feet" of a Texas red-headed centipede can introduce venom into the skin. It is not good to have one of these bugs crawl across your skin. If this happens, you should seek medical attention.

Answers To Commonly Asked Earwig Questions In Sienna Plantation

Some people are more afraid of earwigs than they are of giant centipedes, though there is no merit for fear. You can tell by the questions they bring, such as:

  • Do earwigs lay eggs in the ear canal of a sleeping person? While an earwig can climb into your ear (as many other insects can) it doesn't have any desire to lay eggs in there.

  • Do earwigs tunnel to the brain? Earwigs do not have the ability to tunnel to your brain, as some myths suggest.

  • Do earwigs use their pincers to bite people? No. The ominous-looking pincers on an earwig are not strong enough to break human skin. 

In most cases, earwigs are just unsightly pests. Certain species are a threat to certain vegetation. But, in general, earwigs are just a nuisance. How do you get control of earwigs? These insects are attracted to damp areas that have organic debris and stacked wood.

If you reduce moisture and remove habitation options, you'll keep these insects from hanging out near your home. Routine treatments from a licensed professional can provide even more protection and will work to keep earwigs out of your home.

Why Fleas Invade Sienna Plantation Properties & How To Stop Them

There are only two primary ways fleas will get into your home. If you have a pet, you know that your pet is one of the ways fleas can get in. Dogs and cats that go in and out of a home are susceptible to picking fleas up in the yard. It is also possible for mice, rats, squirrels, and other animals to bring fleas into your home. Fleas take furry animals as hosts. They don't get onto humans.

Along with animals, there is one other way fleas can get into your home. Can you guess what it is? If you purchase a piece of used furniture, you could purchase a flea infestation. Flea eggs and flea dirt deposited in furniture can turn into a source of infestation. So how do you keep fleas out of your home?

  • Make sure your pets have flea collars.

  • Watch your pets. If you see your pet scratching, perform an inspection with a flea comb and take immediate action.

  • Seal holes in your exterior and remove hiding places mice or rats can use.

  • Put wire mesh in your downspouts to prevent mice and rats from getting to your roof.

  • Trim branches away from your roofline.

  • Always inspect used furniture before bringing items into your home.

Along with these DIY prevention steps, it helps to have year-round pest control provided by a licensed pest control technician.

Why Pro Mosquito Control Is The Way To Go In Sienna Plantation

We don't have to tell you that mosquitoes bite, or that a bite from a mosquito could make you sick. While most bites will just develop into an itchy welt, it is best to not have mosquitoes on your property. Professional mosquito control is the way to achieve this. Why? It is because professionals target mosquito resting places and disrupt the life cycle of mosquitoes. When mosquitoes can't breed on your property, it will be a whole lot nicer when you try to enjoy time in your yard.

If you live in Sienna Plantation, you're in our service area. Reach out to us here at Modern Pest Control for year-round pest control options. Life is much better without pests.

Ants & Common Pest Problems In The Sienna Plantation Area

Sienna Plantation homeowners have the luxury of living in one of the area’s most desirable communities. However, there are many different types of pest problems that they could face at any given time. Some of the most frequent visitors to local homes include:

  • Ants: These pests are some of the most common nuisance invaders in the area and they come in a variety of species that all have different behaviors and issues. There are odorous house ants that enter homes looking for sugary substances, while there are red imported fire ants that usually live outside and sometimes bite and sting, causing serious health issues.
  • Mosquitoes. The mosquito is a seasonal pest that appears around local properties in the spring and lasts throughout the summertime. The female needs human blood in order to lay her eggs, and she can pass along the pathogens that cause West Nile virus in the process.
  • Rodents. Invaders like rats and mice are common problems for homeowners because they are tricky to prevent and also difficult to eliminate. Rodents look for food, warmth, and water and usually stay out of sight of people.

For professional pest control that addresses a wide variety of invaders, call the team at Modern Pest Control today.

How Dangerous Is It To Have Armyworms In Your Sienna Plantation Home?

Armyworms are the larval form of moths and they make their way to Sienna Plantation primarily in the fall. They’ll find their way to your home for a variety of reasons having to do with the nature of your yard and other factors that are superficial, like whether you leave the porch lights on at night. While these squiggly pests may seem intimidating and even a little unsettling, they do not pose a serious health risk to you. Armyworms can cause damage to your property, though, like destroying lawns and other fields and they can also eat away at crops, gardens, and other plants. Once armyworms hatch into moths, they can cause additional problems like ruined clothing, furniture, and upholstery.

If you’re concerned about armyworms around your home, look no further than Modern Pest Control. We specialize in long-term relief from pest pressures, and because we are a locally owned company, no one understands your problems quite like we do. Our team of licensed and QualityPro-certified technicians upholds the highest standards of safety when customizing a plan to address your armyworm issues. And by monitoring your home on a seasonal basis, we will ensure that they are eliminated and never grow into moths. For more information on armyworm control, call us today.

How To Spot A Clothing Moth Problem In Your Sienna Plantation Home

Clothing moths are a common invader that can end up in your Sienna Plantation home without your knowledge. But how can you be certain that you’re dealing with clothing moths and not another pest like silverfish or beetles? Here are some of the signs that might indicate a clothing moth infestation:

  • Tunnels that appear in fabrics like silk and wool
  • Spotting actual clothing moths that are cream-colored winged insects
  • Fur clothing that sheds
  • Thick, crusty smears on places like upholstery and carpets
  • Finding irregularly shaped holes in sweaters, T-shirts, and jackets

At Modern Pest Control, we deliver reliable clothing moth prevention in Sienna Plantation that starts with proper pest identification. From there, our QualityPro-certified technicians will develop a treatment program to eradicate the clothing moths from your home. With recurring services throughout the year, you won’t have to worry about them again. For more information on our clothing moth control services, please call us today.

Is It Just One Cockroach In My Sienna Plantation Home Or An Infestation?

If you notice a single cockroach in your Sienna Plantation home, the unfortunate truth is that there are likely more cockroaches around. Cockroaches are nocturnal pests and they usually loiter around their water or food source, which means that you may never see them. A light infestation is considered to be five or fewer roaches, while medium infestations are under 25 cockroaches, and anything over that is considered a heavy infestation. The average female cockroach is capable of laying one egg sac every month for ten months and each sac will contain approximately 15 eggs. This can cause infestations to grow exponentially and very quickly. While there is always the chance that one lone cockroach made its way into your home via a crevice or drainage system, it’s, unfortunately, unrealistic to expect that to be the extent of their presence.

At Modern Pest Control, we deliver reliable cockroach protection in Sienna Plantation that is built to last. Each of our technicians is QualityPro-certified, which means that we uphold the highest standards for safety and best practices. We also use safe products and customized methods in order to address the root cause of your roach infestation and keep it from returning. For more information on roach control services, please call us today.


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