How To Protect Yourself From Houston's Dangerous Mosquitoes
Mosquito biting someone's skin.

How To Protect Yourself From Houston's Dangerous Mosquitoes

Are you annoyed with mosquitoes in Houston? If so, you're not the only one. Homeowners all across the country struggle to keep mosquitoes at bay. But it's harder than most people imagine, and you may not have much success on your own. Find out how to protect yourself from these common intruders.

What Makes Houston Mosquitoes Dangerous?

If mosquitoes were just a nuisance, prevention wouldn't matter so much. But mosquitoes are much more than an annoyance and actually pose a very serious threat. When mosquitoes bite humans, they have the potential to transmit diseases.

For centuries, mosquito-borne diseases have been a problem. Malaria, the Zika virus, and dengue fever are only a few examples of the diseases mosquitoes can spread. With every mosquito bite, you're in danger of becoming ill. 

Why Mosquitoes Are In Your Yard

All mosquitoes in Houston are there for the same reasons. Females seek out human or animal blood, which gives them the nutrients they need to breed. Meanwhile, the males seek out nectar for sustenance. Where there are males, there are females and vice versa.

In addition to seeking out food, mosquitoes also look for moisture. Males and females alike are drawn to areas of high humidity or stagnant water. For most local homeowners, this is what makes mosquitoes so hard to keep out. After all, there's not much you can do to decrease the humidity on a summer day or to keep puddles from forming in your yard.

As long as you have people, flowers, and water in your yard, you'll probably have mosquitoes. And no amount of bug spray will stop them. While bug sprays can be somewhat effective, some don't work at all. 

Effective Mosquito Prevention

Fortunately, there are a few ways in which you may be able to keep mosquitoes away and avoid the dangers of these Houston invaders. Follow these tips to be safer:

  • Clear Out Junk: What does junk have to do with mosquitoes? If you have piles of junk in your yard, the debris could collect water. After a rainstorm or irrigation session, mosquitoes will have every reason to remain in your yard. To make your yard less appealing, clean up your piles of junk. This includes old flower pots, dishes, and automotive parts. 

  • Fix Drainage Issues: Your gutters are responsible for draining water from your home, but they don't always work properly. Every so often, check your gutters for clogs. Pay attention to where the gutters drain and make sure there are no pools of water after a rainstorm. 

  • Check Your Screens: Once in your yard, mosquitoes will try to get to you. If you have screens on your porch, doors, and windows, you make it more difficult for mosquitoes to access you. You can install screens or repair existing ones, and check frequently for rips. While you're on your patio or in your home, you may not have to deal with pesky mosquitoes. 

  • Dress Properly: You can wear light colors and long sleeves to become less of a target for mosquitoes. Make sure you wear clothing with tight stitching.

Call Our Professionals

If you want to have the most effective mosquito control strategy, call us at Modern Pest Control. Our friendly professionals take the time to examine your property and determine the best form of mosquito prevention. They use the latest methods of mosquito control to ensure these pests stay far away from your property.

With our ongoing pest control treatments, you can know that your family is safe from invasive mosquitoes. We're always eager to help and have years of experience. To learn more about our techniques or our program, call us today.

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