What To Do If Wildlife Invades Your Home
Raccoon on the ground.

What To Do If Wildlife Invades Your Home

There are many animals that can become a problem when they come into your yard or, worse, find a way into your home. If you're hearing pests that go bump in the night, there are some things you should know. Understanding what you're dealing with is essential in choosing to do what is necessary to get rid of wildlife when they invade.

When a wild animal gets into your attic space, it isn't going to be concerned about your property. It will rip insulation up and damage other building materials to make its nest. It will chew or claw at boxes to get at the items inside or to use those boxes as harborage. It will knock items over and break them. It will have no concern for your property because it doesn't understand the concept of personal property. When trying to remove an animal, often more damage is done as scared animals scramble around, searching for a way of escape. This must be considered when removing an animal.

Each animal presents its own set of issues when it gets inside, but there is one thing they all have in common: They leave their feces and urine everywhere. This will cause smells to emanate from your attic or walls voids. These smells are sometimes intense. When wild animals are removed, areas that have been contaminated with feces and urine must be decontaminated to prevent illness. This is a job that is often left undone when wildlife are removed by untrained individuals.

Wild animals do not have the word "wild" in their name for no reason. While many animals don't prefer to attack people, they can and do attack when they are frightened or cornered. Whether you find yourself face to face with a big raccoon or a tiny squirrel, it is not a good idea to trap them with your hands, no matter how much padding you're wearing. During the removal process, the risk of a bite can become a serious threat. Bats and raccoons are able to be infected with the rabies virus and can pass it on to humans through a bite wound. This is a potentially deadly virus that must be treated early.

When animals get in, they can bring other pests with them. No, we're not talking about their babies, though that can happen too, we're talking about parasites. Wildlife creatures pick up fleas, ticks, mites, parasitic worms, and other pests as they roam through urban and peri-urban areas. Once inside your home, these parasites can take root and begin a secondary pest infestation in your home. After a wildlife invader has been dealt with, this issue of secondary pests must be considered or it could lead to a lot of misery for everyone in the home.

Things That Go Bump In Your Yard

Animals don't need to get into your home to create issues. They can damage your landscaping, your garden, your lawn, and your personal property as they roam around your yard in search of food. They leave their feces and urine everywhere they go. This can become a source of sickness. They can be unpredictable and attack if they are cornered or protecting their young. And, when they come into your yard, they bring parasites in close to your home where you, your kids, your pets, and others can pick them up. If you are exposed to ticks, you could be exposed to harmful diseases they can carry. Some of those diseases can have lifelong health implications or lead to human mortality.

Wildlife Control

Whether you have animals inside your home and need them removed or you have an animal in a harborage location near or under your home, it is best to have those animals taken care of by a wildlife control specialist. When you have a licensed professional deal with your problem, you'll get a complete solution—and have a better chance of avoiding the repercussions of a poorly executed wildlife removal plan.

If you live in Katy or the Greater Houston area, consider Modern Pest Control for your wildlife control needs. We employ some of the most experienced and skilled wildlife technicians in the industry. They've seen it all. And, if they haven't, they have fast access to a team of educated pest control professionals who have. You can know for sure that your wildlife problem will be resolved in the most effective and gentle way possible, using advanced technologies and trusted methods. Contact us today for immediate service.

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