The Kind Of Wildlife You Don't Want To See In Katy


raccoon in eaves of house

Many of us love taking trips to the zoo to watch amazing animals run and play, but the situation is entirely different when your house becomes the zoo!

Katy boasts a wide variety of wildlife that’s common around the area, including raccoons, opossums, moles, squirrels, and even bats. While it’s not always a bad thing to see wild species roaming in your backyard, it’s always a cause for concern when these creatures take up residence within your residence. 

Wildlife can present many dangers to a homeowner. Animals that live in the wild won’t think twice about biting you or your loved ones when threatened, raising your risk for serious infections or disease. And potty training a wild animal isn’t an option, so expect a foul smell and excreted matter strewn about the areas they've nested in. In case that’s not gross enough, many species of wildlife carry parasite eggs or other secondary pests such as ticks, lice, fleas, and mites into the home with them. If you’ve got one, you’ve probably got many more. 

Fantastic Wildlife And Where To Find Them

Identifying larger wildlife in your home may not be too difficult, but it’s important to understand exactly where these mammals are coming from.

  • Basements are cool and dark areas perfect for more secretive pests. Moles, voles, and mice love to bunker down in this safe space and sleep out the daylight hours.

  • Attics can house every type of wild creature, from raccoons and opossums to bats and mice.  

  • If you’ve been hearing noises coming from your chimney, chances are there are rodents in there. Smaller creatures like squirrels and bats may use this direct line to your home as a place to take shelter from the weather.

Unless rapid treatment is done, wildlife infestations can pose real threats to humans, risking life-long chronic illness and even death. 

Modern Will Stand Your Ground

Animal pests come in all shapes and sizes, from tiny mice to beady-eyed gray opossums. The safest and most humane way to remove wildlife from your home is with the experienced methods of a professional pest control service. When the creatures that invade are a little too cozy for comfort, take immediate action and contact Modern Pest Control right away. Helping our neighbors in Katy for nearly a decade with some of the most advanced pest control techniques on the market, Modern is always focused on solutions.

To learn more about our wildlife relocation programs and services for the not-so-subtle pest animals invading your home, call our office today and speak with a knowledgeable team member. We take care of your pests so you can take care of your home.


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