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carpenter ant eating wooden structure on kingwood texas property

Why Carpenter Ants Attack Homes in Kingwood in Spring

Spring brings a lot of good things along with it - warm weather, beautiful flowers, and budding trees, to name a few. Spring is also the time of year for new life for animals. Birds lay eggs and mammals give birth to new babies. Of course, spring does bring a bit of bad along with all the good. Insects also increase in number this time of year. One of those insects is the carpenter ant. If you… Read More >

carpenter ant

Are Carpenter Ants Still a Threat in Cypress?

It happens every autumn: the leaves turn from green to varying shades of red, yellow, and orange, flip-flops give way to boots, and everything becomes pumpkin spice scented or flavored! However, just because fall has arrived in Cypress doesn’t mean that the weather will get cool enough to drive away the nuisance pests that have plagued us all summer long. Read More >

carpenter ant in water damaged wood

If You've Seen One You've Seen 'Em All?

Most of us have the heard the saying: "If You've Seen One You've Seen 'Em All," at least once in our lives. And we know what it means. For instance, if you have been to one big mall, you have, basically, experienced all big malls, because all big malls are basically the same. But if you were to use this saying in regards to carpenter ants, you would be dead wrong. One big black carpenter ant in… Read More >

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