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cockroach on table with food

Why Cockroaches in Houston Homes Won’t Go Away On Their Own

Cockroaches in Houston are quite common. Many varieties of cockroaches need moist environments, and our location and climate are perfect for them. Although they’re unpleasant, if they stay out of the way, we don’t think too much about them. However, when cockroaches move a little too close for comfort, we can’t help but think about them, and for good reason. Read More >

cockroach crawling out of a mug

Keeping Cockroaches Out of Richmond Homes and Kitchens

Imagine waking up in the middle of the night. Your stomach is rumbling, so you decide to head to the kitchen for a midnight snack. As you enter you flip on the light, and suddenly a skittering sound fills your ears as dozens of small dark shapes rush from your counters into hiding. Read More >

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