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big brown mosquito sucking the blood of a houston resident in day light

Why Call Modern if Mosquitoes Invade Your Houston Yard

No one likes mosquitoes. They’re annoying, they ruin a nice evening outside, and they leave you itchy and irritated.  You might try putting out a citronella candle or swatting as many as you can, but there’s really no way to eliminate them. Or is there? Here’s why you should call Modern Pest Control if mosquitoes invade your Houston yard. Read More >

close up of mosquito biting houston resident

Early Prevention Steps Against Summer Mosquitoes in Houston

Whether we’re ready to think about it or not, mosquito season is on its way. As we round the corner into spring, these little insects will begin hatching and coming on strong. Outdoor events will soon be accompanied by the familiar buzzing of mosquitoes and the familiar attempts to swat them away. Read More >

mosquito biting skin

Mosquitoes Still Biting in Texas

The climate and temperatures in the greater Houston area allow mosquitoes to keep biting almost all year long. If you live here, you know that mosquitoes can actually be slightly more active in fall than they are in summer. Understanding why can help you avoid mosquito bites. Let's take a look. Read More >

biting mosquito

The Dangers of Mosquito Infestations in East Texas

Most of us can agree that mosquitoes are a huge nuisance in our lives, especially if we try to go outdoors during the summer, even in our own backyard! They buzz in our ears, fly around in our face, make us flee indoors for refuge, and no matter how much we try to avoid them, they always find a place to bite, causing a raised itchy bump that could drive just about anyone crazy! Read More >

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