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The Favorable Method To Keeping Your Houston Home Pest-Free

Have you noticed that we have a lot of pests in Houston?  The worst way to address this threat is to respond to each pest problem as it occurs. This will have you paying out a lot more money than you need to. It is far more favorable to bundle your pest control together and get all those pests at once. This is one of the many reasons why it is best to have an on-going pest control program,...

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Staying On Top Of Pest Control In Katy During The Fall Months

It is fall in the Houston area and that means it is time for fall pests. While fall isn't nearly as cold in Houston as it is in Chicago or New York, it can get too cold for some insects, causing them to go into hiding. When cockroaches and other insects hide inside our homes, mice, rats and other animals t...

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Why Are There Ants All Over My Tomball Kitchen?

To answer this question, you must first understand that ants are persistent. A colony outside will spread and is likely to reach your home at some point or another. And they are all over your Tomball kitchen because they’ve been allowed a way in....

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Tips To Protect Your Pets From Pests

It is not just people that need to be protected from annoying, biting, stinging, and disease spreading pests; we also need to protect our four legged family members! That’s right, pests don’t just bother us, they can bother and become a danger to our pets as well. At Modern Pest Control we know how much you love your pets and we want to help you protect your beloved furry famil...

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